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Recent posts by Pradeep Sashidhara

Read HFEJB, Spec and gave mock exams of Enthuware.
This forum was also helpful in getting my doubts clarified.
Prepared for a month with 3-4 hrs a day.
Next target is SCBCD 5.
It is stressed that container insists that we access references to other beans and resource manager only when in a meaningful transaction context. CMT Stateful bean's ejbCreate, ejbRemove, ejbActivate and ejbPassivate execute with an unspecified transaction context. Then how is it possible that we are able to access other bean references and resource managers in those methods ?
Thanks Naresh.

If I got it right, it means that the container does not create the stateless session beans until there's a real demand from the client, i.e. until the client calls a business method on it's component interface. When this happens if there's no free bean in the pool, container creates one and associates the EJBObject to this bean before calling ejbCreate. Hence we have reference to EJBObject in ejbCreate.

Or it might as well have a bunch of EJBObjects created before the creation of bean instances, it might return one of them.

Any difference in opinion ?
Even I'm confused about this, HFEJB on page 228 says that you can get access to EJBObject for stateless session beans during ejbCreate and ejbRemove, but how is this possible ??? If the sequence of events that is said to happen is to be believed, I'm not able to make out how can a bean get access to it's EJBObject. Has anyone tried out practically, it might be returning NULL !!!
Hi Papa,

HFSJ was the primary book I referred to. Read API doc for the relevant APIs. I just skimmed through specs for Servlets, JSP and JSTL. I prepared for 3 weeks, 4-5 hrs a day. First two weeks were spent for HFSJ. Guess I read it twice. Third week went for mock tests and specs. I guess mock tests are slightly tougher than the original one, but I can't be very sure on that as I should not be making conclusions based on experiencing just one single real exam.
13 years ago
Hi Santana,

I used to score around 88% during mock test.
13 years ago
I wish to thank Kathy and Bates for their wonderful books, which I followed for both the exams. I'm afraid I'm getting addicted to their style of writing. I bought their HFEJB well before I cleared the SCWCD exam and as soon as I returned from the examination center, I started reading it.

One thing I dislike about the books is they are sure gonna make you lazy. They explain it so clearly that you'll never need to apply any brains.javascript: x()
Big Grin

I used Enthuware simulators for both the tests.
I used Whizlabs as well for SCJP.

I used this forum to get a lot of info about the exams.
13 years ago