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Recent posts by Vikrant Sahdev

The filters execute in the order they are declared in web.xml or generically speaking DD.
If this helps, try using Japser reports. They give you the PDF reports , once you specify the content type for pdf in your Struts action class.
You might have to spend some time learning Jasper reports API if you are a beginner, though its fairly straight forward. Try iReport , open source library.
16 years ago
Thanks Cameron !
I appreciate your reply and I totally understand the focus should be on Hibernate. I think I just got greedy & curious about other integration stuff.
Again thanks and Good luck for your book. Hope you make big sales & earn great reviews on this one.
Does your book "Hibernate Made Easy" mentions any ways of integrating hibernate or using hibernate with third-party reporting APIs implementing Jasper reports?
We have used Jasper report (specifically iReport API) with JDBC datasource as well custom JRDataSources , however couldnt use the Hibernate connection or HQL as such . Also couldnt find any freely available documentation on same .
Have you touched upon this subject or similar in your book?
I know it might be an advanced topic for a book bearing "Easy" in its title , but still wonder if you have !
I dont think Ed's book address any particular programming language's practitioners. It more about experiences and thought-sharing and in some way thought provoking examples about people who did innovative work in terms technology, framework etc.
So I will be surprised if Ed says there is something for Java programmers particularly on this book.
16 years ago
If you are having 3.5 years of "quality" experience, you shouldnt be worried about the package. There are good packages for experienced developers.
However, what you pitch at and how will determine better your chances of higher package.
16 years ago
So in the book, what kind of scope you have targeted to tell us about your programming techniques in Java. By scope, I mean have you included coding in server-side components as well,like in JSP,Servlets.
Also how far along Java 6 have you gone in describing threads, collection ?
16 years ago
I think you explained my point : Johanna Rothman with a good example. Thats one example of running into dependancies. It can happen with resources as well actual tasks on the project. With resources, its more multi-tasking that raises the bottleneck issues. But with the tasks, its direct linkage that makes some tasks critical to completion for others to follow.
Ilja: I was trying to get some ideas on why CPM would /wouldnt be a good choice in agile software projects. Seems we can avoid applying CPM mostly bcos of how stories can be made independent but I guess there might be certain complex projects which can ask for CPM.
Thanks Johanna & Ilja for good & thoughtful discussion.
Thanks Ryan !
I downloaded GWT and read the document on GWT site. Found it pretty cool !
16 years ago
I would have expected an example if you could prove your point.
Anyways, seems you got stuck on my example of user story which I think I didnt put in right way before you.
I was trying to highlight the interdependencies between various stories & tasks. It would be naive to imagine stories having no linkage or dependancy on previous stories, in which case it would be mistake to not come with a good estimate.CPM helps come with the most realisitic schedules in such situations. I agree, it doesnt happen much often that one story has dependancy on 3-4 preceding stories but ofcourse, I am not talking about school projects but complex applications developed in fast-pace ,big-money , high-risk environments.
The Lambardi blueprint whitepaper seems to convice you against Flash.
But it all depends on the context. Flash has its own UI pleasantness.
However for Java developers,it makes sense to work with GWT rather than Flash.
So, I think GWT & Flash can co-exist without much bloodshed..ha ha !
16 years ago
Hi Ryan

I worked with jMaki framework for a little while and found it as an interesting framework to develop web apps that use widgets from various Ajax toolkits including but not limited to Google.
Infact the plugins for Eclipse/Netbeans made development very easy.
What are the tools/plugins available for easily using GWT in web apps ?
16 years ago
Ilja : You completely missed my point !
I work in Agile environment and am familiar with stories & use cases.
However, when the project is broken into user stories, they always carry dependencies. Just a common correlation will show you that :User interface has no value without service layer and service layer needs user to validate its logic and gratify the user.
This is most basic example. In real projects, dependencies between environments make tasks overlap or delay.
So my question was that how do you estimate your project delivery time in wake of such dependencies known at the onset of the project ? Thats why I said CPM can be applied in a slightly differnt color than in mfg/prod. industries.
I dont agree that Critical path can't be applied to Software processes.
May be people in software industry dont understand its full importance.
The likeness in production tasks & times is same as development tasks & times , only machines dont play that big of role in development tasks & times because there is no setup time on computers and they dont breakdown like machines.
In Agile ,once we have task estimation and inter-dependencies, its almost the same as network of jobs. Remember, CPM is a common planning/estimation technique in Project Mgmt. I dont see enough logic to avoid its application in software processes.
But I wont put you on spot for not noticing that .Thanks