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Recent posts by arulk pillai

Nothing beats self taught projects. Have a Git Hub account and create your own projects.

Software programming is a mindset about solving problems and adding value. Only experience can accomplish this. You gain experience by “reading lots of code, and writing lots of code“.
3 months ago
1) Writing code & working on self-taught projects.
2) Changing your job to Java based development
3 months ago
There are myriad of Java interview preparation blogs, videos, youtube, etc to prepare. These Java interview questions & answers vary --  core to advanced, Java enterprise edition to Spring, open-ended questions to judge experience, BigData to low latency Q&As, 16 technical key areas like performance, coding, memory management, transaction management, concurrency, scalability, etc. So, step by step get a good handle.  
2 years ago
-- BigData or Web/Web services development pick something that interests you.

-- Create a GitHUb account and develop self-taught projects to brush up your skills and to show some recent experience to your prospective employers.

3 years ago