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Recent posts by Bhaarat Sharma

K&B says the following on page 106

The overriding method must NOT throw checked exceptions that are new
or broader than those declared by the overridden method. For example, a
method that declares a FileNotFoundException cannot be overridden by a
method that declares a SQLException, Exception, or any other non-runtime
exception unless it's a subclass of FileNotFoundException

I have the following code which compiles fine, going against the quote above, however, if access modifiers are changed to public then it does not compile fine as stated in the quote above.

My question is that if I have private access modifiers, is the eat() method still being overridden? and if so, why don't I get an error.

I just went over chapter 7 (Generics) and did the questions at the end of the chapter. I did about 60% correct. Where can I find more questions on this topic as well as other topics (chapters) covered in the book.

I want to do as many questions as possible prior to the exam so I am in a better shape.
My fault.

I see my mistake. I guess its time to hit the bed for me.

I believe there is an error on page 579 in the toArray() section

Now let's take a look at the toArray() method. There's nothing too fancy going
on with the toArray() method; it comes in two flavors: one that returns a new
Object array, and one that uses the array you send it as the destination array:

the line

will throw an Incompatible types error because required is Integer[] and found is Object[]

Have other people noticed this as well or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for providing the link

I'm in the process of consolidating all the resources required for Webservices with JEE 5 and JEE 6 exam (your resources are awesome! eagerly waiting for your JEE 6 quiz to be out).

The link you just provided, is that still relevant for the two exams I mentioned above?

Please let me know so I can add it to my list.

Thanks again

Is that book still relevant since it's old?
This looks very promising as I have not seen many books solely dedicated to SCEA. On the forums people usually talk about reading 4 different books to prepare for SCEA

will have "x" appended to s because:

true OR false == true //second false IS NOT even looked at by the compiler
false OR true == true //second true IS looked at by the compiler

When is the best time to take the mock exams in relation to the K&B book?

Should we first read the whole k&B book and be proficient with all the questions in the book and THEN start taking the mock exams?

Or should we do both as we go?

Most of the mock exams are not separated by topics.

i can't seem to get the hang of printf. how did you guys memorize all the combinations?

Also we always need to have d in the end?

Thanks Nijunj that helps a lot

Did you already take the exam?
I'd also want to know opinion of others regarding this. I still have not taken the master exam in K&B as I am yet going through the book and still plan to take the exam in mid May .

I took the CertPal exam ( but did not do so well on it. I missed the tricky stuff like static methods accessing non static fields and TreeMap not giving error when object inserted in it does not overwrite equals or hashcode because only ONE object was insted into the TreeMap.

How hard is the actual SCJP compared to K&B master exam and also CertPal exam?