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Recent posts by argol diomolpol

You can use
This command with print all Threads in application. Make request and if you see that tomcat is not returning make a couple Thread Dumps. Then search for your application package name eq( if you see the same method in a couple of Thread dumps it maybe your slow part.

2 years ago
I am try to log java.lang.Error, and for some reasons it is not logged using struts. I have situation where compiled files are not in right version and e.g class is using static filed from other class which is not synchnoized (excepted expetion: java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: )
Using simple servlets such exception will be in tomcat logs defined in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/

So maybe struts handles such exceptions and some configuration is required ?
5 years ago
Whene i invoke web service in client i have java.lang.NullPointerException.
I ma using Jboss and i have uncomment logging SOAP messages. In this message there are values and this values are correct so somthing must be wrong with client but what?
10 years ago
I want to return java class in web service but web service return null. This is what i have done.


I should do anything else please help. Thanks in advance for help
[ August 05, 2008: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
10 years ago
I have to 2 JSF pages one with sesion bean(address page) and other without(update page). Method responsible for getting update address is invoke whene page is rendered.

I have changed in select address qury in session


And now is working but why?
Hi all

I have in my application posibility of updating user address. Whene user login to application thene is made select for users details from database. Whene user update address i always have first select data and it does not metter how many times user update address.


First query: argol
Update: argol dimonpol
Second query: argol // can't retrieve update
Update: argol ble ble
Third query: argol // can't retrieve update

[ July 24, 2008: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
I have created database once againe and now it is working. Previously i have done manually some inserts to database, it think that there was problem but why could anyone explain.
[ June 30, 2008: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
I can't save date to database using hibernate. First i thought that it was sequence problem that can't get next value but in error message there is next sequence value.
What other thing can cause this problem.

[ June 29, 2008: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
i want to compare p2p(JXTA) vs client\server find advantagers ,disadvantage
and base on it write application in both architectures
the only advantage of using p2p which is my mind is computing speed

for example:user have 2 linear equations
client\server:client send request to server, server may have many other request to solve others linear equations ,one PC solve it
p2p: client send request to peer group(10 PC) ,peer group may have many request but there is 10 PC
(PC server = 1 PC p2p)
in p2p it will take less time

I need more examplers or maby complex one
thanks in advance
[ January 06, 2008: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
11 years ago

I am looking for books which covers advantages and disadvantage of using
distributed and central systems
11 years ago
whata about add styles to AttributeSet i do somthin like this
Whene i click one of JToggleButons i add to string names of styles which
i deklar in addStylesToDocument method


Then i split this string to tables

String t[] = text.split("#");
String s[] = still.split("#");

for fist time i append to doc2

for to rest:
first i check which styles are to start style the differen beetwen
s.lenght - t.lenght give to where is start style

and append to doc like before

But the problem is tha this still String grow all the time so it the size of this will grow too i try to cut this string but the result was always bad

Maby there is better way to do this

[ June 13, 2007: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
[ June 13, 2007: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
12 years ago
but it loses styles
for exmaple i have bold after i insert icone it's change to regural

i have one more question it is possible to add Style to AttributeSet
becouse i need to send AttributeSet in byte array or string over network i
i try somthing like that but the size of byte array was to big from 13KB-300KB(if was a lot of styles in text)

My second option is to use style which are in addStylesToDocument() method
I can recognize style from string for example
i send String d = bold#italic#underline over network reciver it
and split it to table String [] dd = d.split("#") but whene i insert text

text will be one only bold or italic or underline it won't be italic and bold how to solve it
[ June 11, 2007: Message edited by: argol diomolpol ]
12 years ago
it is look like this method block insert 2 or more icones in a row
but i don't know how to fix it
12 years ago
whene i try insert 2 or more icons in a row caret stay in positon after first icon
I can insert 2 or more icons only whene i change style after previous
icon(change style)icon etc..
Whene i try to insert icon by textPane.insertIcon(icon) it is no problem
with inserting icons in a row but it change style of text to regural
and don't know how change it to previous style
12 years ago
thank you for great piece of code
but now i have problem with inserting to icons in a row
12 years ago