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Recent posts by Krishna Acharya

Interesting fact about my problem:
If I put java code inside that JSP page it does not compile (I already mentioned that)
If I commented that code, it still does not compile.
If I remove (instead of commenting), it compiles (works!).

In laymen's language: that JSP sounds like a country where there is no rules and regulation! STRANGE!!!
9 years ago
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I republished the project (.ear file) to websphere from websphere admin console. That's what I always do. I am less optimistic that this is cache issue because it does not compile if I put any java code and it immediately compiles if I remove the java code that I put that caused it to not compile but I will try that. Just sharing my thought. Thanks!
9 years ago
I forgot to mention in the above post:
I am using WebSphere application server 7 as Application Server, and IntelliJ Idea IDE (13.1.2)
9 years ago
My JSP used to get compiled (to Java code) whenever I made any valid changes to it before. Now when I write Java code (as simple as creating string with hard coded string value) inside that JSP page, it does not compile and as a result of that, I can't see any change reflected when I run the JSP. However when I write log statement or System.out.println(), it works. Strange thing is: System.out.println() is also Java Code. Please note that JSP file is included (with <%@ include..) inside another JSP file (Parent). When I write Java code in Parent JSP, it just works. Please rest assured that: Java code that I wrote is correct and include directive (<%@ include..) is also correct (I have not make any change to that)

If I put the following code in already compiling and running JSP (Child), JSP file does not simply compile.
String myString = "Hello bro"

If I put the following code, it just works- meaning it gets compiled and it gets reflected when I run the JSP.
System.out.println("Hello Bro");

There should be some problem with compiling Java code in inner (child) JSP.

Thanks for your help guys!
9 years ago
Hey Bear, I am just learning java script and AJAX. Acually I am not asking about the code solution. I just needed the way which I could follow. At least, I got some hint from you. Thanks for that. I just need algorithm because i do not have how to access database and put that in drop down box.
Thanks so much any way...
I have a simple html form that has one add button. whenever that button is pressed, i would like to have one drop down box added in that page. And the contents of that drop down box should be taken from the database table. How can I do that? I would appreciate if you would send solution.
Thanks in advance
I have one drop down box(with some values) in a jsp page. I would like to access the database table and display on the jsp page using the selection from the drop down box. How can I do this ??? for hint: sql would be like: SELECT * FROM <table name> WHERE <column name>=<value selected from drop down box>.

Thanks so much to you who is giving me answer. Please...
Hey Bear,
Thanks for replying back too fast. I also think that I did short thing in my keyboard. In the mean time, I enjoyed reading your story. If uou have any solution tell me.
15 years ago
Hi there,
I am using MacBook. Yesterday, I cleaned the keyboard using some cleaning liquid. After that, some keys have not been working. For eg. 'H' key does not work. But if I press 'Y' key, 'H' gets executed. Similarly, other keys are behaving abnormally. What might be the reason.

Please help me..
15 years ago
Thanks for your response at first!
When I try to start tomcat, it does not give error. I checked it by looking at services. I could see the tomcat service was stopped. If there is tomcat service already started, then I can stop from from eclipse. I can see that after looking services(by typing services.msc in start>run).

I will be waiting for your answer!
15 years ago
I am using tomcat 5.5 and eclipse 3.3.1. I have used Sysdeo 3.2.1 plugin. I can stop the tomcat from eclipse but could not start tomcat from eclipse. What might be the problem?

I need your help.
15 years ago
Hello. Thanks for your kind response. I have installed eclipse 3.3 in Ubuntu 7.10 as you told. But I am using eclipse classic instead of EE. That might be the reason???
15 years ago
Dear All,
I am trying to install Eclipse 3.3 in Ubuntu.When I give workspace name and proceed then error message "Error creating the view. Reason: org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin" appears. How to correct this problem and run eclipse successfully. I am using Macbook and Ubuntu 7.10.
Please Help Me.
15 years ago
Hi all,
I have installed Ubuntu in my MacBook. I wanted to connect to wireless internet but I could not see "wireless connection" in System>administrator>network. Instead I could only see "wired connection" and "modem connection" only. How can I connect to wireless internet.
Your answer would be valuable for me. Thanks in advance...
15 years ago