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Recent posts by Praful Asher

Lemme see,

c1 refers to a new Cardboard instance...(CardBoard c1 = new CardBoard() ; )
c2 refers to a new Cardboard instance...(CardBoard c2 = new CardBoard() ; )

c1.go(c2) sends a copy of the reference variable c2 to the go() method...not c2 even if cb is set to null, c2 still is unchanged...hence a valid reference and hence the concerned object is not eligible for GC.

Poor ol' c3 never actually got to refer any object as c1.go(c2) returned null.

So, in theory, the only object that gets eligible for GC is c1 (because of c1=null ; )

Also, any other object references that c1 contains also become eligible for the short object within c1 is done for as well... (No clue as to whether Wrappers are pooled...since they are immutable as well...someone might want to pitch in there...).

[ March 27, 2008: Message edited by: Praful Asher ]

Originally posted by Iv�n P�rraga:
And this command line is invoked from /foo
java -classpath /foo/bar/baz/bing:/foo/bar

Hi Iv�n,

Here is what my version of the book has,
javac -classpath /foo/bar/baz/bing:/foo/bar

Also, I have to believe that I am holding onto an older print of the book because the errata does mention that the question is actually about java...not javac...which leads detective Sherlock to the conlusion that they did actually update the book to reflect "java" instead of "javac", but missed updating the rest of the invocation.

[ March 27, 2008: Message edited by: Praful Asher ]
Thanks for the wishes...Good luck to you as well!! Just 3 more weeks to go!!

Originally posted by Sagar Jani:
Hi Guys, I purchased a whizlab SCJP 1.5 preparation guide for around $12.95. I bought it a week back and they gave me a link from where I downloaded the SCJP kit.

Now to activate this, whizlab provided me a license number. while activating we need to enter this license number. But whenever I try to enter this number I get the error message : "Server not rsponding", "downloading UCF please wait".

I tried to contact their support team, they keep giving me the different kinds of suggestion which are not working from past few days.

Now I am tired of their service. They are also not ready to give my money back.

By my experience, I strongly suggest not to buy Whizlab product.

Anybody has faced a problem like this ?

Anybody has

Well...I did purchase the Whizlabs kit for scjp6 and the activation process was a breeze...Will be giving mocks in the first week of April...The only thing that I find strange is that the exam instructions mention that the actual exam is of 130 minutes only...(misinterpretation of 210 minutes as "2hrs 10 mins" I suppose??) Can anyone confirm if this is a known bug?
Hello. This is my first post on Java Ranch and it comes at the end of giving my first ever mock exam (gave the one that comes on the CD with the K&B book). I scored 69% on the mock and I think I already know my weak areas.

All that I have done till now is rushed through the K&B book in 12 days...

I intend to go through the book again...especially chapters 3,6,7 and 9 (Whoa!! that almost makes the entire book)...and am planning to write lots of code...

I expect this to be done by April 5th. I am tentatively planning to appear for SCJP 6 on the 12th/19th of April (depending on how much time it'd take me to read the additional SCJP6 stuff). I hope I should be in a comfortable position by then...

Pray for me...and please feel free to respond incase you have any tips (or whacky ideas!!) for preparation...