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Recent posts by umesh atada

I had passed Part 1 of exam in 2003. And did not find time to do assingment. Now I want to complete part 2 Assignment. Where should I buy the assignment. What does it cost. ???
158 is still valid. IBM has not annouced any exam for Websphere server specialist. ofcourse there one for WSAD & Admin.
For further information pls visit.
There are links explain which certification expire when....
Umesh Alugathi is my real name...
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Please suggest good tools for completing assignment ? If you could tell me the +/- points, it would be helpfull.
thanks in advance
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It looks like your question has complete explaination in in following redbook
" EJB development with Visualage for java for WAS"
page number 356...
topic association.

I am not able to answear your question because your question does not explain the context of relation b/w Branch account...
EJB development with Visualage for java for WAS
These are the books I studied for the IBM 158 websphere exam .
1.Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages by Marty Hall
2.Mastering EJB by ED ROMAN
REDBOOKS FROM IBM ( in order of importance )
1.EJB Development for Visual Age for Java for Websphere App. Server
2.Websphere Studio application Developer a programmer Guide
3.Design and Implement Servlet , JSP and EJB using Websphere
4.Websphere 4.0 advanced edition HANDBOOK (use this as ref. Only)

Important tips
�Try to implement some of the examples, some questions are directly based on these.
�Trying taking MOCK exam from IBM …there no other good mock exams.
�Try your examples on WSAD than move on to WAS 4.0.
�Remember one thing WSAD supports EJB 1.1 & EJB 2.0 but WAS 4.0 supports only EJB 1.1
�Give importance to the IBM extension like Data Access,…
�Most tricky topic is Transaction & Best practices , ….be careful with these two topics
�During exam just try to skip if you do not understand any of the questions…It is not like sun exam where you have lot of time…some questions are lengthy and requires time to understand. If you waste time on tough questions , you may have no time to attempt other questions. I guess this may be one important reason many fail.
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hi all ,
I passed my websphere exam 158. Thanks for all those you posted information for this exam.
I strongly recommend the REDBOOKs from IBM for this exam. choice the redbook depending on the each topic.
Problem with redbooks there is no single red book which cover all topic. Since redbooks are free,
download redbooks related to websphere and read important topics.
Remember this one is very tough exam, you need lot of time to prepare
Best of luck for all ...

with regards
How many days does sun take to send certificate.
Should i inform sun , to send me form.
Congrats, good score.
Can you tell me which is mock exam u recommend.or which is most suitable for the exam
Look below the Servlet spec, i mean scroll down u will find JSP Spec
hi ,
This exam was suggested by my Tech lead. I still deciding on this, since I am working on as assignment this month. I will be doing this only in Jan 2002.
Any way thanks for the information
18 years ago
I am taking websphere exam 409, where can i find sample questions
and also any study material for the exam.
18 years ago
please differance b/w tags "<%" and "<% !".
I think that must help u find the answear