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Recent posts by Shiva Kumar Shedad

A little googling gave this result:

If products are available for Java enabled handsets, i'm sure that something will be available. I have no idea of what to use. Hope the above link will give you some clue.
10 years ago

Originally posted by Campbell Ritchie:
Classes can actually be private, but I have only seen that inside other classes. If a class isn't inside another class, private access would mean it would be inaccessible to any code from anywhere.

Thanks Ritchie. I had forgotten about the inner classes while replying.
10 years ago
Have you tried debugging it?

Though i have not looked at your code at all... i am sure that you will find it yourself if you try to use the debug feature of an IDE.
Dude, first understand how an operating system looks for an exe to execute.
In case of Windows it looks into PATH environment variable to get the path of the exe and execute it.

The error you are getting tells that your OS is not able to find the javac.exe to execute.

So add your jdk/bin to your PATH variable and then try to execute the same command.
10 years ago
First of all a class cannot be made as private whether it extends another class or not...
Because it doesnot make sense...

Originally posted by Phillipe Rodrigues:
Request more explanation on the "Private" accessibility modifier with reference to below example:Why I should get the below error?


---------- Compile ---------- modifier private not allowed here
private class Sub_class extends Super_class

1 error

Output completed (1 sec consumed) - Normal Termination

10 years ago

I have to generate random unique alphanumeric numbers.

I had used com.Ostermiller.util.RandPass api to generate random alphanumeric but sometimes it is generating only alphabets.

I had also tried some example using java.util.Random api, it is also generating only alphabets in some cases.

Please give me some suggestion... Thank you
10 years ago
front end jsp/html
backend oracle.mysql
code servlet
11 years ago
Hey thanks nav kaur, i didnt realize the operator precedence.
12 years ago
class TestOut
public static void main(String[] args)
String s1 = "shiva";
String s2 = s1;
System.out.println("Hello World! :: "+ s1==s2);
System.out.println("Hello World! :: "+ s1.equals(s2));

I'm not sure why the "Hello WOrld! :: " of first SOP does not print on console when i run this program?
12 years ago