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Welankar Saheb, Congratulations..

Wish U all the best for SCBCD..

I am also planning for the same..

Will keep in touch @ javaranch..
14 years ago
Really a Great Score...

Congrats Dude..
14 years ago

From where I can get the SCWCD Logo..

Help needed..
Hi Jothi,

I havn't buyed any Mock Exam Simulator..

I used those which are available free online..
Thanks guys..

For studying SCWCD, initially I started with Hanumant Deshmukh's book but my friends (Shrikant & Swapnil) suggested to buy Head First Servlets Jsp book, and it was really helpful for me.. I assure you all, HFSJ is the only book needed to get a score..

Thanks to the Authers..

I completed the first reading of the book but as I was not having any experience on J2EE platform, I was unable to understand the concepts clearly.. Then while reading for Second time, I started doing Practise also which helped me offcourse..
I pointed out the important things on a notebook for all the chapters while reading (like, the DD tags needed, method names from the API, All directives & Standard Actions etc.) and before 2-3 days of the exam, it helped me to get a lookup..

I also had given Mock Exams.. If any doubts I found, I cleared those doubts @ my favourate site :

Also there is a lot of information about DD & other concepts available in this forum.. I always had given a reading of the Posts available here, even though I was not knowing about the topic, it improveed my knowledge..

Finally I solved the Mock Exam from HFSJ, and to be honest, I got just 62% I was a bit dipressed..

Anyway, I am thankful to all the Mark, Satou & all the ranchers here for contributing their knowledge..

Best of Luck for all those preparing for SCWCD..
Hi All,

I got cleared in SCWCD Certification Exam with 86% marks..

Thanks to All of you..

Being a member of Javaranch helped me a lot in scoring good marks..

Thanks once again..
Whether a Tag (extending TagSupport or SimpleTagSupport) can have a boday-content of Scripting elements..

Ex :
<% out.println("Hi"); %>

What are the valid body-contents for both type of tags..?
Thanks to All of You..

I have a query, while reviewing the Drag and Drop type of questions, will the previous answers be availble or not..?
Hi All,

Tomorrow, I have scheduled my SCWCD exam..

Any suggestions on the last day of my preparation..?

Any mock links..?

Feel free for giving suggessions..

Thankx in Advance..

From ScwcdHints :

A <jsp:forward> effectively terminates the current page. Nothing before the <jsp:forward> or after the <jsp:forward> is written to the response! It is not the same when using a requestDispatcher.forward().

Does it mean, if I use requestdispatcher to forward request to another web component, the output before calling next component or after calling next component will be displayed as output..?

Clarify me please..
Identify the techniques that can be used to implement 'sessions' if the
client browser does not support cookies. (Select 3 correct options. )

1) Using Http headers.
2) Using https protocol.
3) Hidden form fields.
4) URL rewriting
5) It cannot be done without cookie support.

Answer : (1, 3, 4)

If we set the Session Id in Response Header, will it be available in the next Request from that Client.. I am guessing this from Option 1..

Please clarify me..

Also, I have one more doubt.. After successfully deploying a JSP & requesting it for atleast one time, how does the container finds out whether the JSP file is changed to regenerate the Servlet for it..

Thanks in Advance..
Hi Hanumadeepak,

I also answered correctly because I read about the beanName attribute from Hanumant Deshmukh's book..
Congrats Dear..

Share your experience with us..
14 years ago
Thanks for the clarification Marc..
Hi all,
I just had given the Mock Exam for SCWCD at
I gave some wrong answers and some questions I am confused with..
Here are some of them, I need guidance for the correct answers with a brief summary..

Thanks in advance..

Question 1 : Assuming that the servlet container is distributed across multiple JVMs, which of the following statements are correct? (Select 2 correct options.)

1) A separate instance of a non-default servlet context will be available on each of the JVMs.
2) A separate instance of all servlet context will be avaible on each of the JVMs.
3) The default servlet context will be present only on one of the JVMs.
4) There is only one instance of servlet contexts across all the JVMs.
5) None of the above

Answers from JDiscuss : (1 & 3)

(Can anybody explain me what does Default Servlet Context means..? )

Question 2 : You are developing a web application which needs to store a lot of data in persistant storage. As of now, your company does not have any database and so you can only use the file system to store the data. But if the webapp goes well, the company may buy an industrial strength database. Which design pattern would be useful for you in this case which will help you reduce your work load later? (Select 1 correct option.)

1) MVC
2) Business Delegate
3) File DB pattern
4) Data Access Object
5) Data Store Pattern

Answers from JDiscuss : (4)
(Does the real exam will have questions of Design Patterns other than the 6 discussed in HFSJ..?)

Question 3 : Which of the following things may happen in the translation phase of a JSP page? (Select 2 correct options.)

1) Execution of _jspService() method.
2) Execution of jspInit() method.
3) Creation of the servlet class corresponding to the JSP file.
4) Instantiation of the servlet class.
5) Loading of the servlet class.

Answers from JDiscuss : (3 & 5)
But I think, Loading the Servlet Class is not part of Translation phase..?

Question 4 : Identify the techniques that can be used to implement 'sessions' if the client browser does not support cookies. (Select 3 correct options. )

1) Using Http headers.
2) Using https protocol.
3) Hidden form fields.
4) URL rewriting
5) It cannot be done without cookie support.

Answer from JDiscuss : (1, 3, 4)

Question 5 : You do not want multiple threads to be executing your servlet's methods because its methods are not thread safe. What is the right way to ensure this? (Select 2 correct options.)

1) Make its methods synchronized.
2) Make it implement MultiThreadModel.
3) Make it implement SingleThreadModel.
4) You don't need to do anything as the container automatically takes care of this.

Answer from JDiscuss : (1, 3)

Question 6 : You want to use a bean that is stored in com/enthu/GUI.ser file. Which of following statements correctly defines the tag that accesses the bean? (Select 1 correct option.)

1) <jsp:useBean id="pref" name="com/enthu/GUI.ser" />
2) <jsp:useBean id="pref" name="com.enthu.GUI" />
3) <jsp:useBean id="pref" type="com/enthu/GUI.ser" />
4) <jsp:useBean id="pref" beanName="com.enthu.GUI" type="com.enthu.GUI"/>
5) <jsp:useBean id="pref" class="com.enthu.GUI.ser" />

Answer from JDiscuss : (I selected 4 and was correct)
Query : Is this thing (Serialized Bean) covered in HFSJ or Real Exam..?

Question 7 : In which of the following situations will a session be definitely invalidated? (Select 2 correct options.)

1) The container is shutdown and brought up again.
2) No request comes from the client for more than "session timeout" period.
3) A servlet explicitly calls invalidate() on a session object.
4) If the session time out is set to 0 using setMaxInactiveInterval() method, the session will never be invalidated automatically.

Answer from JDiscuss : (2 & 3)
Query : Why Option 1 can not be the answer..?

Quesion 8 : Assuming that the Servlet Container has just called destroy() method of a servlet instance, which of the following statements are correct? (Select 2 correct options.)

1) Any resources that this servlet might hold have been released.
2) The servlet container time out has exceeded for this servlet instance.
3) The init() method has been called on this instance.
4) None of the requests can EVER be serviced by this instance.
5) All threads created by this servlet are done.

Answer from JDiscuss : (3 & 4)

Question 9 : Which of the following XML elements should be present in a deployment descriptor of a web application so that it can be distributed accross multiple JVMs? (Select 1 correct option.)

1) <distributable/>
2) <distributable>true</distributable>
3) <distributed/>
4) <distributed>true</distributed>
5) <distribute>true</distribute>

Answer from JDiscuss : 1

Need help for answers & Clarification..