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Recent posts by Reehan Lalkhanwar

Welcome Carlos Sessa and thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with Java Ranchers.
10 years ago
Thank you Alexander Selling, for both the question and the answer. Reduced a lot of searching for me. Really helpful.
10 years ago
I think its due to overflow.
12 years ago
Am guessing that sek is actually sekeh and others too...
m was never initialized and so you get zero.
12 years ago
...Ext JS, jQuery...
12 years ago
For simple request, like an ajax call, a get would be much simpler and easier.
12 years ago
What is this test you are using in your URL?
12 years ago
Some of the details were removed for brevity. The servlet-class has a fully qualified packaged class and the JSP referred are using context relative path request.getSession().getServletContext().getRealPath(path).
The forwarding is being done in if part there are other such blocks that forward / redirect to different HTML, JSP, Servlet like:

Either redirect or forward, it comes back to the same servlet (as web.xml makes all /guest to be passed to the Controller) and ends up in an infinite loop.
12 years ago
Hi All,

I am trying to write a controller servlet that redirects to JSP, HTML or to another servlet by looking at the request URL. It also has to handle form submits and process it before forwarding.
The servlet maaping as:

This creates a problem. If a redirection is done by line-4 (in below code) then as the redirected URL has /guest, the request is again caught by Controller and again a forward happens, this creates an infinite loop. The resources have to be under the "guest" folder

This is the code use for redirection:

Is there a quick and dirty way to put together such a controller servlet?
12 years ago
The id field of Fm4featuress has been declared as a id which is equivalent to a key field in the database.
So I don't think that the sort of entries you wish to have, which includes duplicates, cannot be done unless you make ID a non id field.
The argument here is:
"Hibernate's implementation of table per subclass does not require a discriminator column. Other object/relational mappers use a different implementation of table per subclass that requires a type discriminator column in the superclass table. The approach taken by Hibernate is much more difficult to implement, but arguably more correct from a relational point of view."

One of the things that hibernate would NOT be able to do, I suspect, is to intelligently create an instance of the appropriate subclass when the program only asks for an instance of the base class. This might be useful for some kind of look-ahead caching.

So how does hibernate handle this issue?
I think, as Xydataa has a generator class of identity, you will have to save it so that the ID is generated and use that ID for assignment in Fm4featuress.
You may also try out setting the ID of Fm4featuress.
If I want to store non-english language in DB as bit values that my application can understand, I need to know if I have some constraints on if there are some ASCII values I have to avoid.
Moreover I thought it would not hurt to know.

What is the actual value of NULL stored in the database by MySQL?
The database has to have some way to identify that the field value is NULL, so what value it uses to represent a NULL?