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Recent posts by dolly shah

Thanks everybody,

My application is not running in Tomcat itself. Even log file is not capturing all this error. So I am thinking that application is not even going through tomcat. I have been facing this issue from a week. I have done all the steps to deploy app. in Tomcat. Also configure all the required files.

Can you guys please help me? Let me know if you need more description?

15 years ago
Hi all,

I am writing a thread after a long time.

I am facing a problem for application running locally on my machine.

I checked out code from repository. I build whole application. I have installed Apache as well Tomcat and Apache-Tomcat connector.

I am trying to run application locally.

I have set up all the server.xml, context.xml, MainResource.xml in Tomcat.

I have all the host entries for my environment.

I have deployed application in Tomcat and it shows up when I go to Tomcat manager.

When I try to run application, I am getting an error "The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect" or sometimes I got "The requested URL is wrong", though it is the right URL.

Please somebody can help me out or let me know what I am missing here.


I would appreciate your help.

I am basically stuck here.
15 years ago
I have doubt for example:9 chapter:6 of HF EJB book.
which methods you can invoke from the ejbCreate()?
-how the answer is getEJBObject(), getCallerPrincipal() and setRollbackOnly().
-as I read the chapter:6. It says in entity bean you can see all this details from ejbCreate(), you can see from ejbPostCreate().

Please any one can help me to clear my doubt.
book:HF EJB, Chapter:4, page :196.

-bean things you can do during creation on page :196
-I have a doubt in setSessionContext() 196 says that only get a reference to your home. but page :190 says you can do so many thing.

-Can anybody please clear my doubt what we can do by using setSessionContext().
Thanks to all of you for reply.
I took SCJP & SCWCD certifications. I want to take web services certification. Can any body let me know how much time it will take to prepare?
What are the exact EJB Invoation Steps?

Can anyone please put it in simple form?

Answer E is right as per old version of SCWCD-1.3. But as per 1.4 the default type of body-content is "empty".
Thanks to all of you. I need book or link for Design Pattern & HttpSession. CAn anyone help me?
Which should I take next?
Today I have passed SCWCD with 81%.
Thanks all of you to cleared my doubt.
I was asked some questions which topics are not covered in the HFSJ. I got 50 % in Design Pattern, 70% in HttpSession & above 85% in all other area.
I am weak in Design Pattern & HttpSession. I am new to J2EE technology, Can anyone suggest me any link or book for this two area. Thanks in advance.

for preparaton
-I read HFSJ book 2-3 times.
-Took 2 month.
-Take jdiscuss, Marcus Green & javaBeats mock exams.
-Frederic revision notes( available on the javaranch). Very helpfull notes for interviews also. Thanks Frederic.

Thanks all of you again.
The below link will help you.
Default value of body-content was "JSP" in SCWCD version 1.3, as per SCWCD 1.4 version default value of body-content is "empty". Correct me if I am wrong.