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Recent posts by Marcus Green

As Ulf said, why did you not try and compile it yourself? Don't get me wrong I am delighted when people ask questions (it's why I visit), but I find it an odd question "will this code compile". If you are not constantly attempting to compile code yourself you are missing out on one of the finest learning tools.
So what would you like to do for a living, be a programmer or an OS/Network Admin. From my understanding of the acronyms the only programming language certification listed on that chart are Java, there are no C/C++/C#/Basic/PHP/Perl certifications mentioned. So it could be that Java certification is the most in demand of certifications among programming languages.

Or it could be flawed data that is effectively meaningless, after all it does say "a simple analysis"... and it is Indian specific..

"Nowadays, school research papers are written by entering the topic into Google, finding a web page you like, then selecting and copying the text and pasting it into MS Word, which is then printed and turned in."

When I was at school it was fairly hard for teachers to be certain something had been copied because you actually had to read through loads of books to check. Now through the miracle of search engines(and the frequent lack of imagination of plagiarists) teacher search for the string on google, see its been copied and return it to the student requesting they do some work rather than copying. Seems to me that technology works much more in favour of the person marking than the person copying.

14 years ago
I just did two searches at

one was for C#
It returned
541 results

Then for Java
It returned

Have you any quantitative evidence for Java being a legacy product?

Assuming that in an economic downturn companies will be interested in lower licence costs I would suggest that the Java is unlikely to be a legacy product in the near future.
"Only pass SCJP is easy"

No its not. Assuming you are already familiar with Java you should allow at least a month and to be safe, more than a month.
Please post again when you have received the material. I have been aware of Javabeat for a long time and I have never seen any complaints about them at all previously so I suspect you have just been unlucky so far.
Wow, congratulations, thats a better score than I got (grins)
15 years ago
I suspect it is caused by the mouse.
15 years ago
Many thanks for the name check and congratulations on the pass.

Being an experienced Java programmer is often not as helpful as would be expected. Many many commercial and experienced Java programmers do not know the details of some of the topics. For example many people are not aware of the non deterministic nature of Threading.

168 days
If you have (only) read the K&B book and you have given yourself 20 days before you take the exam you will not pass the exam.
The real exam database has hundreds of questions in it. It is really difficult to memorise the actual questions. Arguably it is probably easier to learn Java. Do some people cheat, yes, are they successful? sometimes. Do people use "dumps"? yes. Are the dumps actually accurate, sometimes.

Frequently they are reconstructed from memory by people who have taken the exam and are laughably innaccurate due to the fragility of memory and the pressure of the exam situation. Should Sun change the question bank more frequently? probably. Do employers generally assume that someone with the SCJP has passed through cheating, No. Does any sensible employer check a candidates understanding further. Yes. Move along nothing to see, film at 11.
Thank you for your comments and in particular quoting my answers (something people often forget to do). I will look more closely at your questions when I am not at work.

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