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Yeah I was felling the same way. Thanks Nigel, I was hoping someone will comment on this.
19 years ago
Here is an alternative solution:
* Get Unix and Netscape
* open the text file from netscape, e.g., /home/user/abcd.txt
* Click Print -> print/save as ""
* In Unix prompt type: "% ps2pdf abcd.pdf"
* This will work
OR the easiest solutions is to use Adobe Acrobat - you will
need buy it
20 years ago
I can't believe this!!! where am I heading then!! Java for food!! I will enlarge it and put this up in my cs school..
20 years ago
ColdFusions pages doesn't need .cfm extensions.. ColdFusion offers some excellent tool for deploying advanced sites in not-time (much faster than J2EE, with scalability issues included)..
but I'm still sticking with J2EE..
You can do alomost do everything with Coldfusion (related techinlogies) that you can do with J2EE. And, Java developers are much more expensive to hire than other developers!!
just my 2cs...
20 years ago
steb, I think I have to agree with some of your points. But there are a lot of advantages using Java over C. (java offers an excellent tools of API, where C doesn't have any standard web API)..Moreover, many people will back-off from using C/C++(complex!) and C# (M$ bugs!!). I don't know how C# will perform in the programming market!
Anyway, I'll stick with Java foreover, cause its simple, high-performance and excellent API, and I'm lazy in learning millions! of languages constantly.
20 years ago
How is the job market in Australia? Would someone please give me some advice on this.
My situation:
* SCJP (94%)
* 2 years IT experience, mainly in web devlopement
* BS-CS, incomplete
So, is it still possible to land the $80K java jobs in Sydney?
20 years ago
From my point of view the aussie job market is currently dead. Its still solid in the networking area. Presently, its very hard to find a software development job in sydney..most of jobs lies in the cisco wan-switching area.. but if you have more than 4 years experience on your hand, then finding a jobs shouldn't be difficult. Moreover, aussie employers really like aussie degrees..
I did my SCJP in May 2000, but still unable to find any productive java development project (rejected few!) and currently working in the area of Networking.
20 years ago
Thanks for all of your responses. I am now 98% convinced on degree and its faith and loyalty.
Basically I miss out classes when I perform IT work, and try to cram before the exams!! This works very well for me, (well HSC (97%), 2 scholarhsips under my belt!!) If I get a part-time job now of say $70k as java programmer, and when I graduate 2 years later. Will I start from the graduate salary of $40k or my previous salary(70k)?
And is my current experience (Net Admin) useful/worthwhile at all in the future job hunt??
And which is degree better, Computer Science OR Computer Enginnering??? Does employers look them very differently. And does anybody know how good is University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia?� any body ever heard of this uni?� what is this uni�s world ranking.. any world class repute!! Well, its great in CS(AI) and Commerce�. And how is Australian degrees valued to US employers?
Anyhow, presently I�m only doing my undergrad degree, so why should I do certifications??? I did SCJP to get a job, but unable to find a part-time job (nevertheless, there are many full-time and contracting jobs available, but I need to stop my study to do work!!)�SO, should I do certifications while I do my degree or after I finish my degree..??
I�m stuck IN �reformatory� to acquire my DEGREE!! Any quick way out? NOPE. Oh well.. I probably have to go through this soreness�
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20 years ago

best wishes
20 years ago
ok.. i consider that i need to finish my degree.. but what are the consequences of not having a degree in the long-term.
Moreover, do I need a 4 year or 3 year CS degree? And does the GPA matters to the employers?
but real the problem is that, when I graduate 2 years later (2003).. the IT market will not be as hot as it is now! I guess employers sees experience more valueable than degree.. right? if so then, if I discontinue my CS degree and continue a full-time job.. I will gain the experience and skills!
I'm still totally confused! I was offered a job as java developer
($70k!, Feb, 2001) with a start-up company, but I rejected cause I was in full-time study..
I really don't understand, why CS is important to US employers..? When u never learn anything helpful related to the IT market.. and all the garbage of Compiler design, micro-kernel progamming, vector-based graphics in hard C/C++, Fourier Analysis, Transform Analysis...bla..And tell me more.. how Fourier analysis important to software development??? I've found almost nothing is related!
Why 45% of world softwares never got delivered.. and this is a much lower success rate any than other engineering disciplines... cause the CS degree professionals still fails to find out effective techniques for the production of software systems.
Software project success rates:
45% never delivered
25% delivered but didn't work
18% delivered but not used
12% delivered and used
Note: the situation had not improved significantly by the late-90's
20 years ago
Heres my situation, presently I'm in my 2nd year of 4 year Computer Engineering degree in one of highest repute uni in australia. Well, I'm not a newborn in the IT area, got 3 years part-time experience. I am a SCJP (94%, May 2000) and an aussie.
Currently I�m doing a part time job as Network Admin (<10 hrs/week). I have started to sense that my uni degree isn't so helpful & practical to the industry-rapidity.. that uni is 5 years behind in the technology. I now am considering of dropping uni!.. also I think uni courses are much more harder than certifications (i.e., SCJP)....any suggestions...?
I was looking for a job in the software development area, but unable to find one as the aussie market is very dull (besides I've only tried few part-time jobs & got rejected!). But I was offered a job in the US, but couldn't get a h1b visa.. cause i didn�t have a degree then....but in future I wanna move outa to US seeing that its the best for computing & rocking!
I really confused & puzzled with all this ..By the side of now I got few options: (1) degree!! (2) full-time work (3) degree+part-time work.... any suggestions r most welcome.... . Thanks in advance!

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[This message has been edited by john towns (edited June 16, 2001).]
[This message has been edited by john towns (edited June 16, 2001).]
20 years ago