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Recent posts by Sundaram Karthick

I cleared SCBCD 5 exam today with 93%.
I followed
1. Enterprise Jave Beans 3.0, fifth edition
2. EJB spec
3. Mikalai Zaikin Notes
Thanks a lot to Mikali Zaikin, your notes helped me a lot.
My preperation time was close to 3 months and also i have some EJB experience and thanks a lot to this forum.

Awesome, congratulations!!!
Would be nice if you could share your preperation and exam experience
As the container is responsible for controlling the transaction for MDB, there can be only 2 states either the bean can participate in a transaction or cannot. When it takes place in a transaction REQUIRED attribute is chosen and when bean not participating in a transaction NOT_SUPPORTED is chosen.
As client transaction propogation is not in scope, REQUIRED_NEW and NEVER is not brought into picture
You have a point, also why not NEVER be also considered in your list?

Can you share your exam experience ?
If you are looking at just running ejb samples, i am using Jboss 4.2 and all the samples from Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, fifth edition, runs fine. There was only a small issue with just one of the packages, which you can fix in no time.
Let me know if you need anymore info

Refer chapter 14: JNDI ENC and injection, i think in your type of requirement, you will have to mix both anotations and xml declaration

session listner is a good option. i have a question here out of curiosity, how are you planning to push data to the users? do you use some applet in client side?
10 years ago
I tried it for /index.jsp and added the following in web.xml and it works fine for me. I used this in tomcat 6.0.10
<filter-name>Servlet Mapped Filter</filter-name>

hope this helps
10 years ago
I had did the same with a struts application and deployed the applications as 2 WARs (although i could have packed it as one EAR).
I think if you go for a WAR or EAR, if the jar file is in the web-inf/lib or server lib , which is equivalet to having it in the classpath. So i think it should work fine either ways.
I would say hidden fields should do the work for you, there is no need for a session here. If the scope of work is going to grow, then using a industry standard framework like struts or spring would be a nice idea, but for the current scenario i think jsp and servlets should do the job for you
Hope this helps
10 years ago
Yes, Bear Bibeault. My intention of adding this piece of code was to just say it was working in my environment, as you said doing this type of activity in jsp is not that bright idea
10 years ago
either you can have two war file each having the same set of classes in the web-inf/lib as jar file. Or you can have the common classes in a jar file and copy the jar file in server lib dir.
Hope this helps
I put this in a jsp and when i run it in tomcat 5.5 and invoke the jsp using IE 7. It works fine
response.setContentType ("text/xml");
String filename="me.xml";
response.setHeader ("Content-Disposition","attachment;filename="+filename);

Hope this helps
[ August 08, 2007: Message edited by: Sundaram Karthick ]
10 years ago
go through this Preventing sql injection, Variables passed as arguments to prepared statements will automatically be escaped by the JDBC driver. Even from performance point of view prepared statments are faster than the ones the you use.
Hope this helps
10 years ago