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Recent posts by Ryan Waggoner


I agree with the decision you ended up making (for what its worth).
With the functionality so finite and different, I would create 2 DAOs.

With that being said, there are times where I have created DAOs that query 2 or more tables, because I need a little bit of information from each to get all of the data I need.
In these cases, I thought it would be silly looking to have a method that is declaring and using 5 DAOs to get the data I needed.

Note: As you can tell I made my decision solely on looks.
Sorry Jason,
I just figured that it seems to be a simple process, so not a lot of code would be needed. But here is my setter...

Here is a little more code... if it helps to have more of a context...

I am working on the unit tests now.
14 years ago
Good point Ernest.

Maybe this will help...

This is what works now...

This is what used to work...

14 years ago
You were right when you asked about the setter, I am doing Double = double. And ya, its .toString (darn c#)

The threading issue, could be an issue. This is being done in the seam framework, and it is in a conversation scope. The annoying part is that this used to work every time, now it never works. So I didn't think it would be a problem with conversations / threads.

But it sounds like this is a personal problem I need to overcome huh?
14 years ago
Yes, logging is what brought me here.

I am very confused because, like you said it shouldn't happen, and no there is no other code playing with it.

Did I miss something about doing Double = double?
14 years ago
Hey Guys,
I apologize in advance for the vagueness of this message...

I have in my code this...

It was like that for a very long time, months, but not it is not working. It is setting the number of leaves to null.

When I changed it to...

All of the sudden we are groovy. There were no errors occurring, I was just getting a null value.


14 years ago
Hey Peter,
I am using seam gen to create the project. And I did make sure Eclipse is really using the ant script that seam gen created.

I attached a ss of my errors. You will notice that they are all occurring in the file that I currently had open when I built the project. None of these errors exist after cleaning my project.

15 years ago
Hey guys,
I am sorry if this should be in a different section but...

I created a Seam project a little while ago, and it generated its own ant build script (something I am unfamiliar with.)
Every time I build my project, I get 100 or so errors report from Eclipse, until I do a Project --> Clean....then everything seems to be fine.
This is just a small annoyance that I can't figure out. Here is the generated ant script...

Any thoughts?

15 years ago
Sure it is pretty rude to use on forums, especially when someone is looking for help.

But at work I asked someone how to do something, and they sent me an email with a link like that.

I thought it was pretty funny!
15 years ago
I just found this yesterday, and I thought it was pretty cool

How do I make fun of people in a nice way?

You go to http://lmgtfy.com/ and put in your search, and hit the search button. Then you will be give a link for the little animation.

I love it!
15 years ago
Hey guys,

I have a bunch of hql statements that my site uses. Often these queries are made from input on the web page. For something like a description field it is not unusual to have an apostrophe (') in the query. SQL does not like this one bit, and yells at me for it every time.

Any suggestions on how I would go about putting an escape character in for an ' every time it appeared in the query?

(with out putting an if statement on each hql statement )

I think I will be going the boolean route.

Thanks a lot for the help!
15 years ago
I have a userList page, which lists all of my users. You can click a user, then edit & save them.
I have an add/edit user page, which does just that. When you save the add/edit, you are forwarded to a confirmation page.

I am trying to figure out how:

When someone clicks the save
If they came from the userList page, send them back.
If they came from anywhere else, send them to the confirmation page.

The save button is linked to a method in my stateful bean, userEntryBean.

Maybe I can ask, how, in my code, can I see where the person navigated from.

Any ideas?

15 years ago
That looks like what I want Vivek...

But how do you get the strPage?

Or rather when I call the redirect method, where am I calling it from, and what do I pass in?
15 years ago
Here is how I do things with Seam, for cases like this.

First I create a SF bean. In this bean I would put your list of Screen objects, and an instance of the Screen (to select a specific one)

You can look up the annotations here.

Than a method to select the current screen, which you will call with your links...

So now if we change the first JSP a little bit..

So now the screenList is in the bean we just made as a list of screens (you'll have to populate it)
When you select a screen from your list, the DatamodelSelection annotation makes it really easy for us, and will automatically map the screen you clicked to the screen in the bean. Now you have that bean in the conversation and you can do whatever you want with it, before you end the conversation.

Let me know if that helped...I am still new to Seam myself...
15 years ago