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Recent posts by Patricia Anderson

I am glad you put a premium on education, and also have the necessary resources to push through with graduate studies. You are in an enviable position.
An MS on the resume is a stunner.
In addition, I am sure you are aware that some grad schools are good, others are mediocre. Some are known, others are obscure. In this imperfect and sometimes prejudicial corporate society, a schools name opens doors.
There are many good schools across the globe -- choose wisely.
18 years ago
The fundamental value of a company is based on NET assets. NET assets takes into consideration future cash flows discounted to the present, etc. Yes, you are right the Market cap is not a very good gauge of the real value of a company -- it tends to be higher or lower than the intrinsic value whenever there is too much optimism or too much fear.

18 years ago
I have worked with and have met too many successful people in the Tech sector who are not CS majors to say that only CS people can do quality Tech work. Leverage your skill in other disciplines to your own advantage.
In my own horizon, the best:
1) Java developer --is a business major; a close runner up is a biology major.
2) Web developer -- has a BS in education
3) CS Math teacher -- a mechanical engineer
4) Linux guru -- a math major
5) But the best Network and systems programmer I know, (and the best poet) is a CS major
ps. Not to mention the most gorgeous lady in the world is a CS major.
18 years ago
The share price of sun may was down 18% yesterday -- as the company may be seeing a bloody bottom line for the quarter. However, that does not mean the company is in danger of closing shop or even slowing down -- not by a long shot.
Just two points:
1) Solid and conservative balance sheet.
Debt/Equity is at 0.23 -- very very conservative! 1.0 is normal. 0.23 is phenomenal.
Current ratio at 1.54 -- i.e. more than enough liquidity
to meet current obligations
Total Cash at $1.9bn -- is more than sufficient.
Even if sun does not make a profit in five years the company will still be standing. Sun's market cap is $36,000,000,000. A net loss of $300mn will not be even 1% of the companies market value.
2) Java is supported by other market leaders like IBM, Oracle, Borland, Syamantec, etc.
In a nutshell, Sun's fundamentals reflects a conservative stance that can withstand a downturn in the economy. Should you still fret the demise of Sun; know that Java belongs to Sun but is supported by other Tech industry leaders. I really can't imagine IBM without websphere...
18 years ago
Finance and a little of economics will help you become a more astute manager and decision maker. However, I think as a new graduate it would be better to get some experience working. After three years of solid work you can always get an MBA. In your first formal job, you may discover what you really want.
Oh, and as a side note: if you know java and oracle that would be great. But, it would be even better if you can say that you are a Sun certified ... and an Oracle certified ... Good luck.
18 years ago
Thank you for all the input.
The university work includes teaching data structures/algorithms, database, Java, C++, and maybe any subject those with tenure do not want to teach.
18 years ago
One is a full-time gig at the University.
The other one is with corportate clients.

18 years ago
I just received two offers to teach Java, C++, etc.: one full-time, the other part-time (i.e.paid by the hour).
Should I even consider any of these offers? Guys what are my pros and cons? Need your input. Oh, and would anyone know the salary range for instructors?
18 years ago
Thank you for your advice. I have been using visual age and db2, but jdeveloper and oracle would be great. I eagerly await my installation.
In my experience three things are important: a solid university degree (and it helps if you graduated from a reputable university), work experience(and it helps to work for a good company), and certification.
When I had the first two, I scoffed at the third. In reality I was bitter, angry, and afraid. Bitter because a colleague was chosen for promotion instead of me -- and all things equal the guy with certification got the promotion. Angry because I spent a lot of money, a lot of real hard school work for five years; and guys at work with certification seemed to get more recognition. Afraid -- to take the certification exam (university reputation at stake).
Today I am certified. I am so proud to have all three: a university degree, experience, and certification. But now, I love the pin the most.
18 years ago
If memory serves me right according to Asia Week magazine:
Annual IT Salaries in: Japan -- US$44k
Singapore -- US$17k
India, Pakistan, Philippines -- US$5k
I hope this helps ... before you make a big leap.
18 years ago
I am betting on visual age for java in the real world today and in the years to come.
First, when you buy websphere you get visual age for free -- i.e. companies in the real world will not have to spend for another ide.
In addition, if your company uses IBM websphere -- the most reasonable fit would be IBM visual age.
Second, because visual age is more "difficult" to learn and use that would mean higher barrier to entry, weeding out the run of the mill. Easy equals visual basic -- but, 1 position open for every 10 vb programmers.
Finally, in a bad economy i prefer to be on the side of a stable company that will not belly-up tomorrow. IBM's market cap is over US$150bn. Symantec, ahh... will they still be here in five years?
I plan to install suse linux next week. I was wondering what ide is best with this operating system.
note: i know not much about linux.
After 4 weeks or so of reviewing I finally am sun certified.
RHE was my bible. Mughal was my dictionary. Brogden was my easy to carry-around book. RHE is sufficient to pass the exam --but you need to take a lot of mock exams.
I took over 20 mock exams. JQplus was excellent. I think the Mughal exam was overrated -- it is not that difficult. RHE, Brogden and Marcus were also good.
My advice for those taking the exam:
1) Relax. Panic will do you no good. My first five questions were very difficult -- and i did panic for the first 10 minutes. I thought i was going to fail. Don't do what i did. Learn to stay cool.
2) Double check. After answering all 59 questions -- do go back and review your answers. I found five wrong answers when i went back to check. I completed the exam in 75minutes -- which left me 45 minutes for review.
3)Be prepared for some noise. The testing center was not sound proof. Although I was not distracted by this, I think you guys ought to know.

19 years ago
To Faisal
I am from the East coast. I have had one year experience in Java. I also do programming in C. I am currently considering a job offer from a very good IT company -- but they have a one year lock-up.
19 years ago