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Deepak Vadgama

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Recent posts by Deepak Vadgama

Howdy ranchers

I want to embed a ready-to-use Calendar application (UI and functionality similar to Google Calendar) created using RichFaces
I dont want to use the GoogleCalendar client API. This would make my application dependent on Google service and would need to have Google ids.
Instead i want a complete calendar solution with good UI.

Am not a expert search person... Everytime i enter a search query it returns the RichFaces component calendar (where i cant schedule events, reminders and stuff)
Could you help me locate such application...

Thanks in advance
13 years ago

I am looking for a free application server for starting a new project.
Planning to use Trac, SubVersion, Hibernate, JSR 168 (Portlets), Spring, JSF, Maven

Planned to go into production next year Feb-April 2009.

When i googled, I found JBoss 5.0 and GlassFish v3 (release in mid-2009) very popular.
I am not able to decide which server to go for, since i didn't find a clear winner.

Also the server i choose will decide the IDE i should use? like GlassFish with NetBeans 6.5 and JBoss with Eclipse 3.4.
Or is now IDE enhanced to support both servers very easily

Most of the threads related to the comparison were very old. Thus raising query again.

Thanks for the help
13 years ago
Thanks for the help. I have planned to go with Trac and SVN.

I got to know that SVN integrates well with Trac. (Versioning System - Management/Bug Tracking)
and Bguzilla integrates well with Eclipse (Bug Tracking - IDE)

I would like to know in which scenarios would we need to integrate these softwares.

I need some links which would help me understand everything about Process followed for Software Development (eg: Traceability)

Thanks a lot
Hi Sasank,

I am looking for similar open source software.
Could you let me know some of the most used, project mangement and bug trackin systems.

Some of my friends suggested Trac and Bugzilla. But i was not able to compare properly and get to conclusion.
I needed more screenshots/demos.

Any help is appreciated.


Me and some friends are planning to create an application for school/colleges (used by maximum 2000 users).

Since we have planned to charge nill/moderate amount to implement this app we need to use open source softwares.

Here is list of applications we are planning to use
1. IDE + Server: (NetBeans + Glassfish) OR (Eclipse + JBoss)
2. DB: MySQL Community Server
3. Project Management: ???
4. Version Control: ???
5. Build: Maven/???

Technologies decided
1. Portal JSR 168
3. JSF/???
4. Spring/EJB 3.0
5. Hibernate

Could you please let me know which softwares/technologies would be appropriate for Production use considering reliability, scalability, uptime etc and also from maintenance point of view.
Also i am not sure which free Project Management application is opensource and the best.

Moderator, If necessary could you please move this thread to appropriate forum.

Thanks a lot

I am using RAd 7.0/ WAS 6.1

Before i import code in workspace, i am able to create new server and use add/remove project option on that server.

But as soon as i import the code in workspace (through project interchange or any ther option), i cant see the create new server pop up.
If i have the server already, i am cant see window for add/remove project, when i click that option.

Could you please help me out.

When i created a dynamic web project, the wizard asked for the WebContent directory name.

Now, I want to change the WebContent directory. Not the name, but the directory itself.

In RAD 6, the same could be done in
WAR -> properties -> J2EE -> WebContent

I am not able to find the option in RAD 7.

13 years ago
Thanks a lot David for the instant reply...

An open-source project HtmlUnit which is based on Apache HTTPClient

It has simple API which suffices my requirement

Thanks a lot again
13 years ago
Howdy Ranchers,

I want to read the HTML content of an external website page (eg: Could you please give me pointers as where to start from.

I want my servlet/container to act as a client, requesting the external website page, and be able to receive file as HTML/Text

I intially toyed with idea of forwarding the request to external site URL, and using Filter to intercept the response and parse the same. But problem with this case is, we cannot forward the request to page external to JVM (i am not sure about this).

13 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

RAD7 which comes bundled with WAS 6.1
To use WAS 6.1 Test environment, i have to install the same seperately(which is a tedious process in our company)

Could you please let me know the most important differences between WAS 6.1 Test Environment and Standalone server (if i have to use it only for development and with RAD 7)
13 years ago
Hi Hussain,

I have been working on Servlets and JSP from past one year,
So understanding concepts was not too difficult.

I would recommend, don't set any particular timeframe, rather read for knowledge, practice as much as possible creating small web applications.

After a while you will yourself know when you are ready.

Still, if you are not convinced, i think around 2 months of preparations is enough

Best of luck !!!
13 years ago

Here is the link for Marc Peabody's Design Pattern notes Click me

Also check SCWCD Links section, you will find a lot of study materials
Click me

Best of Luck.
13 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I cleared SCWCD 5.0 today with 88%

Moderators and fellow ranchers, thanks a lot for all your help.

1. Most of the questions were Problem-Solving type
2. Got only 2 drag and drop questions
3. Got around 8-9 design pattern questions
4. Design Patterns, Custom tags questions were a bit tough
5. Many questions didn't require lengthy problem reading. As only one of the options was syntactically correct

Study material
1. HFSJ: Thanks authors, for such a easy-read book
2. Frederic Esnault's study notes: Great notes Frederic
3. Marc Peabody's Design Pattern notes: Sorry Marc, i got 50% in Design Patterns section, i am very angry at myself for missing out on it
4. JWebPlus v4 mock exams (got marks from 74% to 83%, i recommend JWebPlus v5)

Thanks again everyone. Cheers !!!
13 years ago
Well, its too late to do anything about it...
I am appearing for SCWCD 5.0 tomorrow.

I have completed 7/7 tests of Enthuware JWebPlus v4 and got 73% to 84%

By tomorrow end of the day, I will post a reply with my score, which should help other ranchers decide about "JWebPlus v4 for SCWCD 5.0"