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Recent posts by Rohini Sahuji

Ashutosh Joshi wrote:Hi Rohini,

Would you mind sharing the score card? Just wondering what is the weightage at objective level for your case!

8 years ago
Thanks for the Cow Fritz! And a bigger thanks for Enthuware tests!!
Your question bank is Perfect! so close to real one!
8 years ago
Yesterday, I passed Web Services OCWSD 1Z0-897 exam with 76% score.

I want to thank all the Javaranchers here for their valuable help.
Without it I cannot even imagine of preparing for this exam.

Here is my experience.

I am a SAHM, not working for last 3 years. I have little experience in Servlets and JSPs.
I want work on Java/J2ee in future and interested in learning new technologies.
I have near to none experience in Web services but wanted to learn it.
I purchased my voucher for web component exam. But did not feel challenged. So decided to prepare for Java
Webservices Certification instead and YES! i did it.

This one was really tough.
I was preparing for 4-5 months.
I followed the path, what most people suggested here on this forum.

1. I started reading Martin Kalins book. Honestly I felt, for a newbie, this book is very heavy on brain.
I will blame my lack of knowledge and experience and not the book.
I was looking for something easy to get into Java Webservices and I found video lessons by Koushik on
It was very useful. It helped me to get introduced to web services.
After these lessons I read the book and so many things started to make sense.
2. Next I read MZ's and Ivans Notes and Mz's quiz parallelly. Really appreciate these guys for their work and making it available to others freely.

3. I also did a lot of googling and referred to links specified here and there, in the forums and in notes.
This forum was a tremendous help. Whenever I had any question, I searched the forum and it was already discussed here. :-)
I regret that I did less coding and programming assignments or could have achieved better score.

4. Lastly I did Enthuware Tests! I took all standard tests on Enthuware. Its very close to real exams. It got me ready for actual exam.

Overall it was a great Experience.
Preparing for this exam was like reading an interesting Novel. You cannot wait to finish it when you are reading. But once finished you miss reading it a lot. :-)

8 years ago
Thank you Mahtab, Fritz and Himai!

your words gave me hope!

This forum has always been source of Encouragement.

I am already done with MZ's quiz.

Now I will take last two tests from Enthuware.

Thank you guys!
I have my OCEJWSD exam scheduled in couple of days from now.

I am taking Stadard tests on enthuware from last week..

I am scoring very low on them (64%, 71%, 64%).
(After test I am reviewing all the questions and reading more on what I missed.)

I am loosing my confidence now..

Does that mean I am not ready for the exam yet.
Or Can I still pass the real exam.

What your experience says?

WOW! very old one. Still this discussion cleared so many things to me!!
8 years ago

Himai Minh wrote:

My other hint is to read WSIT tutorial's chapter about best practice and design. It may be helpful too.

What chapters from WSIT tutorial you suggest?
I guess you are creating destination file in local file system.. and not in hdfs...
9 years ago
I think if we put all the posts of this forum in a book
that indeed will be one of the Strangest Book!!!
11 years ago

java.lang.IllegalStateException is thrown if the response was already committed

that means..this exception occurs if you try to modify response object after you have performed forward.

the html code


after forward be the reason...
May you already know this..

But, just thought to share.

The J2EE 6 tutorial released in july 2012.

This huge tutorial covers every aspect of J2EE version 6 includin servlets 3.0, JSF, AJAX, webservices, EJB, JPI, DI, JTI, JMS, security, and alll.....
this could be a big help to prepare for new J2EE 6 exams.

here is the link...

Happy Learning :-)
Thanks a lot Hauke!!
This really helped to clarify my understanding.