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Check some discussions on similar lines here
static means 'one per class'
Usually we mark a method 'static' in a class and can call it without having to make an instance of that class.

In case of interfaces, where is the body of the method?
What will it execute, even if it is allowed.
If the methods of an interface are implicitly 'abstract' it means that the method body is not there.


I am creating a Vector instance.
And adding elements like vectorInstance.add("myData");

To the add method I am getting warning in my IDE (Eclipse) as following-
Type safety: The method add(Object) belongs to the raw type Vector. References to generic type Vector<E> should be parameterized

I am using jdk1.6. All I know is this is generics related warning.
What would be a good programming practice in this case?

Can you give me example? And where to check in case I get such warnings for any other classes in java?

Thank you!

14 years ago
Oh ok..
I am trying that out. Thank you for the reply.

My requirement is extended to store timezone information also.
Do I store it as a separate field in DB?

Thank you.

Hello Friends,

I want to store date in my DB table as dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss.
Basically I want date and time also.

I used -
Java.sql.Date date = new Java.sql.Date(System.currentTimeMillis());

It is giving me date value in DB table field but not time..
what do I need to do for it?

1. I checked SimpleDateFormat. It does do the formatting but gives back String, I want a formatted Date object
2. Also, I checked to use java.sql.Timestamp - however it gives values till nano seconds, I want it till seconds only.

How do I get this?

Thank you in advance!

Utsav, you are welcome. Nice to know I was of help.

Not sure if "R Sugan" has the problem solved.

14 years ago
I think you will need the <Form> element in HTML.

<form action="" method="">
.. have your input text box here
14 years ago
Hope this helps.


I have to take one session for beginners - a couple of programmers who work with me. I found out they have difficulty understanding the concept of page 'submit'. They were confused when they had to do some AJAX coding that actually sent an asynchronous request.

While I plan to explain on the lines of HTTP, synchronous vs asynchronous requests, I wondered if anyone else has a better way to explain this.

Has anyone used History Framework - RSH?

I want to know more about its use. It would be helpful if someone could provide link to a detailed documentation.

On further debugging, I found that the one global JS array variable that I have used in the cellfuncs[] is 'undefined'. Im not sure why it is with this value.

Anyone can help?

Hello All,

We have implemented dynamic data load in an HTML table. The next set of records are loaded using DWR and the HTML table is updated.

The trouble is when we click any link and go to other page, and then come back using browser's back button, the latest set of data is not shown.

For this Im trying to use the history framework - RSH. Using this I stored the data retrieved by DWR into on historyStorage object. On back button click, I retrieved this stored data and am trying to again call the callback function with this data.

Now, when I print this retrieved data, these are valid values, but when I send this to the callback function explicitly, the table getting painted has all <td> with 'undefined' as the value.

Additional alerts showed that the is coming as 'undefined' but Im not sure why.
Can anyone help?


Originally posted by Abhijit Kumar:
Hi All,

2 months back I was promoted to Team Lead (TL) position and the review date is coming near when my performance will be discussed.

I hope that they'll also renew the employment contract (to reflect the new position). I want to make sure that they also adjust (read hike) the salary appropriate for a TL.

How do I approach this if my manager does not mention about it? Usually they don't hike salary at this time of the year, but I don't want to wait for another 6 months for that to happen. I feel that since I have been delivering more responsibilities and doing much more work, I should be paid accordingly and as per the designation, from now on.

What would be your approach to this?



[ October 11, 2007: Message edited by: Abhijit Kumar ]

About how to ask-
Say that you are "interested in knowing the remuneration you will get in your new role". Even if you say it in plain simple words that you want to know how much you will get after the role change, I think it is ok. Everyone wants to know that. No one is working for charity in the company. And mostly you wont be the first one wanting to know this information from the same boss.

About what you want and feel is appropriate and should happen, does not really make much difference at this stage. Especially if it is a company policy not to give any hike at this level, your boss may not be able to do much about it.

This is what I feel though.

16 years ago
I am originally from Aurangabad, India. Aurangabad is near to Ajanta and Ellora caves.
I shifted to Pune for job and after marraige.

I was in Cardiff [Wales, UK] for about an year.

[ October 10, 2007: Message edited by: Leena Diwan ]
16 years ago