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Recent posts by Mark Reyes

after logout when I am clicking the back button the cached page is viewing. How an I remove this browser cache?

What you need is a servlet filter...check on google on how to create a filter to instruct the browser not to cache certain url/pages/resource...
11 years ago

What's your wish...

Dude my wish is for you to deposit all your money in my bank account before Dec wont need it when your world ends...
11 years ago

feature detection

..does the words above means that I would learn if this javascript function would work on one browser but would fail on the other...sorry just curious enough..
Hi Bear,

I am very much interested in chapter 11 Developing cross-browser strategies.

How much emphasis were given on this particular chapter? Does this chapter requires knowledge on
several browser quirks (*IE hacks).

Sometimes I encounter problems that works on Firefox but fails heavily on IE. Does this chapter covers the
rules on how to create good javascript functions that will conquer all browsers?

Can you do something like this

11 years ago
Last night, I ate in a restaurant that offers food at around 50USD a meal but thanks to
a groupon/discount vouchers, I paid only 8USD... (I did the currency translation.. )

I saw one site but nowadays there are many local site advertising this.

Lots of shopping discount/products and services are offered also at the reduced price..

I have to thank the internet for this I assume? Its like living in your city at a reduced price.

I wonder in other country if this is a hit also?
11 years ago
Pages should never be inside WEB-INF I can use a filter to protect those pages instead..
This is just what I think..
11 years ago

Isn't this usually called Earworm?

Never heard the word..but thanks to you I know it now...

Make sure it isn’t the Birdie Song.

Whats wrong with the birdie song??

Sing it out loud and pass it on to someone else. I've found that it works for me.

I am afraid that it wont be 'last song syndrome' but it would be my 'last time on earth...if they hear my voice...'
11 years ago

Find a new last song.

11 years ago
While going to work:

A man at the public bus is humming a song... I am still sleepy but was caught by the song.

At work, I realized that I was singing his song all day long...
Awww....I got caught with the Last Song Syndrome ...
Do you believe in this?
...what's the cure?

11 years ago

I used Oracle ADF Faces since the company that I am working on is using it way before I came in. ADF Faces is Oracle's version of the JSF with many built-in capabilities.
Of course you are tied to the Oracle framework.

On the other side, while maintaining a community project. PrimeFaces really rocks! The support and the UI is really awesome. Getting started is really easy.


Just my 2 cents again..
11 years ago
Not exactly related to your question but this could help your cause.

It uses Glassfish though so check your own app server.

This is how you authenticate using the application server and this is one of the sample 'realm' Tim is talking about.

For a more basic approach, read thru about JEE security first.

Just my 2 cents.
11 years ago
Hi Bert,

I used to have this problem until I have decided to have my printer be converted to what they call as 'Continuous Ink Supply System'. CISS

The ink is cheaper also.

Note though that this would void your printer warranty if it exist as they will tamper your printer's ink source.

Another thing is that, I am not sure if this is legal in your place. Mine is acceptable and I already said goodbye to the problem that you are encountering now.
11 years ago

Jelle Klap wrote:The dude abides!
Love it.

Yeah... I was surprise to really see one...

Very nice indeed!
11 years ago
Dear All,

I seriously love captcha and as a developer I find comfort in them in protecting my app from spam!
Sometimes some captcha make sense such as this one.

I just hope all sites follows thru with the sample captcha above.

...on the other hand, I seriously dislike captcha such as these.

It is seriously a pain in the eye. (especially to non-technical person and elderly one..)

How about you, do you have some favorite captcha?

11 years ago