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Hi all

I've got a provider who chose to configure Apache/Tomcat such that the application base seems to be /htdocs, but Tomcat only 'listens' on /htdocs/webapps. Now I'm trying to get an Ant task 'deploy' to upload my WAR with the right context.

\- webapps
\- context
\- myapp

Under the context directory, I find entries named 'webapps#example.xml', containing a Context element with path="/webapps/example" and docBase="webapps/probe". So that's my target: create a context/webapps#myapp.xml with path="/webapps/myapp".



FAIL - Failed to deploy application at context path /webapps/myapp

Changing the path to /myapp will deploy the application at htdocs/myapp with a context file myapp.xml, instead of htdocs/webapps/myapp and context file webapps#myapp.xml.

Changing the path to /webapps#myapp will deploy the application at htdocs/webapps#myapp with a context file webapps#myapp.xml. This option not only doesn't work, the Tomcat manager fails to undeploy the app!

There are quite a few how-to on deployment and context.xml on the web, but they all pretty much end after hello-world. And ideas?

This is on Linux with Tomcat 5.5.7. I've already set permissions on the webapps folder to 777, so imho the first option cannot fail due to permission problems.

Where do I look to see why deployment fails for the first option? Remember this is on a provider's host, don't have much access there.

Simon Niederberger
[ July 14, 2007: Message edited by: Simon Niederberger ]
16 years ago