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Recent posts by Amol Gaikwad

Hello Fret,

This code (using pass by reference) used to work with Weblogic 9.2 but started giving issues when i upgraded to Weblogic 10.3

For Weblogic 10.3 it worked when i bundled all the JAR files into a single EAR file and deployed it as one single deployment unit. It looks like with WLS 10.3, the "enable-call-by-reference" setting in Weblogic deployment descriptor is not considered if the EJBs belong to different deployment units (separate JARs).

Thanks for looking into this.
Hello, i'm having issues with pass by reference between remote EJB method calls. Below is what i'm trying to do. The EJB method calls are made using remote (EJBObject) interface.

insertEmployeeRecord(Employee employee)

insertEmployee(Employee employee)
employee.setEmpId(<Oracel sequence number>);
<<<insert employee record into database>>>

insertEmpDetails(Employee employee)
long empid = employee.getEmpId(); //PROBLEM IS HERE. Here empid value set in insertEmployee method is not received. Instead get returns default value 0.

<<<insert employee details into database>>>

All the EJBs have below configuration in the weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file.

I'm using Weblogic server and JDK160_21.

Can someone please let me know if anything is missing here or if any change is needed to get this working?

Thanks in advance.

mahesh chahyal wrote:hello

my name is Mahesh I am from India but currently doing my master's from Germany. I had done Diploma as well as Engg in Computer Engg and pursuing my MS in Comp science. My main interest is in software development and in Java as well as database I want to make carrier in Java/database. So what are the steps I have to take to make good carrier as I want to live in Germany for at least 5 year and go back to my country with good experince. I am having 1 year of experience in Java from india.

So what are the certification I can do where my knowledge can be implemented effectively. Such as I should go for web appl+java or Appl development+java like that

Hopefully you will answer my question


Below are few certifications for developers interested in Java and Database technology
Core Java - SCJP 5.0
Advance Java (J2EE) - SCBCD and SCWCD
Database - OCP (you can go for 10g or 11g certification)

Hope this helps for your career as a software developer

10 years ago

How can we disable the JDBC logs generated by Weblogic server for JDBC statements in Java code.

I keep on getting the logs like

<Nov 25, 2008 5:38:13 AM EST> <Debug> <JDBCSQL> <000000> <[weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.JTSConnection_com_mysql_jd bc_ConnectionImpl@bfc] close()>

Please let me know how to disable this
11 years ago
Ok, that we can define multiple custom tags in single .tld file.
But, do we need to write different tag handler class for each defined tag?
Or is there any way to handle all defined tags in a single tag handler class?
12 years ago
Is it possible to define multiple custom tags in a single .tdl file?
And if yes, then how does tag handler class differentiate among multiple defined tags.
[ November 12, 2007: Message edited by: Amol Gaikwad ]
12 years ago