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Recent posts by srinivas sridaragaddi


First of all good discussion,putting in lot of thoughts thats good

ok now coming to the actual question.

their is no unreachable error at line1 because in the previous line you are throwing an error which comes into picture only at runtime. So it clearly goes unnoticed by compiler. Hence no unreachable code error.

Generally when you have break,continue or conditions which can be evaluated at compile time only unreachable code occurs.

Try throwing an exception at line1 you will get the unreacable code error. Because compiler knows that by explicitly throwing an exception the very next statement will never be executed.

Hope this helps

I know this is not the right forum to ask this question, but i am hoping this thread will not be locked.....

I am SCJP certified. I am confused about what should be my next step. Whether i should go for SCWCD5 or OCP as OCP is more relavant to my current job profile. Please help me in taking a decision.

Can any one provide me link where i can find oracle certification details. Is their any good forum as javaranch for oracle certification also.

your advice will be greatly appreciated.

have a look at scjp faq.
Hi abhishek,

It will generally 3-4 working days. I think you need to wait for some more time.
Hi shivey,

16 years ago

Yesterday i received my certificate hardcopy(Kit) but my name is wrongly spelled. I mailed the support team to correct the same in certmanager and i got it changed same 2 weeks back. But the wrongly spelled name is printed on the hard copy of certificate.

So can i ask them to resend the certificate with correctly spelled name.
How should i get this corrected. Please give me the link.

Thanks in Advance

During my scjp preparation i used the javabeat mock exams availble in the form of pdf for 1.4. But i have heard many people say that java blackbelt also has a good collection of questions,but to take the test available online i need to contribute some questions and earn points and later take the exam.

So can any one help me out by helping how to go about this situation. is their any other way by which i can take those tests. Or can any one share some points.

Thanks in advance
[ January 29, 2008: Message edited by: srinivas sridaragaddi ]

I know that this question cannot be answered and it depends on indivisual.
But in general how long will one take to get certified. Is this as memory oriented as scjp. I found collections,generics,api very difficuilt as lot of things to remember.

Can any one tell me which book is good. Any good links related to SCWCD, And i have no hands on experience on web development.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestion.

Ulf, what i mean by java domain is "do they use java in this(datawarehouse and business intellegence) domain or competancy". sorry i was not able to put it across correctly.

Any ways thanks all for your valuable suggestion.
16 years ago

I am in serious trouble, i am from bangalore India. I am a MCA fresher recently joined an MNC I**. I have scjp certificate but they are trainig me on DATAWAREHOUSE and Business Intellegence. so what should i do now i have asked them to put me in java domain.fresher's are like beggers they have no importance. should i start searching for a new job or wait here only for 18 months which is a huge span of time.

So now i am thinking of doing scwcd in 4-6 weeks time and approach them again.Or you people think that Data warehouse and business intellgence is a good competency so no need to worry.

Please suggest me what should i do now. Your valuable suggestions will be of great help to me.
16 years ago
Hi Kaydell,

Thanks a lot for sharing such a brief thought process.


i wanted to know how many questions would be there in exam. how long is the exam?

i have no idea about webdevelopment so how to go about.
Hi vinodh,

1. Time required totally depends on indivisual. his ability to understand concepts, how much hands on experience you have. how fast are you when it comes to learning things etc...

2. scjp book by Kathy sierra and Bert bates (K&B) is enough. But as you are from a non IT back ground first go for "Head first Java" by the same author. and then go for K&B.

3. for mock test go through the scjp faq you will find a plenty of free mock exams.

4. To take scjp exam you need to buy scjp voucher which you can buy at any prometric center or any of NIIT center.

Hope this helps.