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since Jul 26, 2007
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Recent posts by Vikram Shinde

I am vikram. I am new to this forum ( shifted from SCJP)
first post.
I cleared the SCJP exam on feb end.
now I am thinking of SCWCD.
I have very l'l knowledge of Jsp and sevlet
and I am thinking of giving exam on jun end
can you please help me ?
as I gone through many posts and I come to know that
HFJS and whizlabs mocks is sufficient for the exam.
is this right ?
or I have to read some more books
Please help me

Thanks in advance
Hi Pranav,
Dont worry 25 days is more than enough for study (Final preparation) if you already had done through study.
start solving mock test and after solving the exam dont disappoint of marks if you get less marks at start.
just go through the explanation.
Best of luck for your exam
Hello Ranchers,
I cleared the SCJP exam on 26th Feb
and I received the Certificate on 13th Mar
Its great to have the kit in 16 days.
16 years ago
use K&B only
its more than enough
this is really great book
and for mock use whizlabs
Good Score
and Best of luck for your next exam
I also passed SCJP 26th of last month and took break from study for 15 days
now I also thinking of SCWCD and giving that exam in june
can you please help me for that
I don't know which book to prefer
16 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I just passed SCJP 5 with 70 % one hour before,
though this is average score but as I am not from Java background and less experience in Java development for me its a very good score
and I am working in Oracle 10g since 2005.

I give full credit to K&B for such a great Book
I studied that book and gone through Wizlabs Mocks
I read the book twice.and after hard study for 2 months I am able to go through that exam.I also studied Head First Java. like that book very much
and by the way I am Happy with my score

and Last but not least Thaks to all Ranchers for Help and questions.
And I am thinking of more certification like SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD
I know you all help me.

16 years ago
as class Keyboard is not implementing Serializable or the object reference variable (instance of class Computer) is not transient
so while serialization it will throw Runtime Exception - Keyboard
so in catch block it will print "exe" instead of "done" of try block
so A is right answer
There is no object creation in this program
So ans =0
class Sup{
public Sup(){}
public Sup(String str){
System.out.println("Super class");
public class Test2 extends Sup{
public Test2(){
System.out.println("Sub class");
public static void main(String[] args) {
Test2 t2 = new Test2();

---Sup() {} added
-- Default constructor (no-arg) are removed when you declare your own constructor. and subclass implicitly calls super() construcor in the first line. you must provide the default constructor for the class Sup
main(2); //main("2");

public static void main(int[] args) // String args

It should have main method with int as parameter not int[] array
try this-public static void main(int args)