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Recent posts by sanjay kumar

Hi Ranchers,

Can some one let me know about any opensource or free API in JAVA using which I can convert csv to XML ?

Is it possible using APACHE POI?

Thanks in advance!
10 years ago
And yeah, use of the "Collections Framework" makes most of my bread-n-butter!!!
10 years ago
I do have my code & pieces in place sir!!!
Im NOT ASKING for your code here..,
I have my solution ready, but doesnt look too optimal, I cannot post it here ..So just looking for some suggestions from some experienced people..
Seems that hurt you ..
10 years ago
I have the ArrayList<String> list;
For example : It contains,,,,

Now I want a no of occurance of each string..
10 years ago
Hi Burke,

Sorry, for not replying upto your expectation...
Do you need a "thank" you explicitly...
I dont think because you are doing more than a "very good job"

I did try your code , but what i went ahead was this

I have another problem now

i am able to get the required in an arraylist, but how to count the occurence of each String ?
10 years ago
Thanks all for the elaborate replies,
Yes Rob, you got it correct, I want to split from the second "." from the end -> www &> test.www &
10 years ago
Hi ,

I have the following scenario:
ArrayList<String> list;
list contains string in the following format:

I want to split each string in the arraylist like->

How should I follow this up??

I am totally new to regex

10 years ago
Hi Bear,

Yes I know, Its just retrieval of data based on a parameter from a class..

By the same JSP I meant b.jsp
10 years ago

I have 2 JSP's

a.jsp-> it has a few checkboxes with some data against it.. user selects some checkboxes and clicks next

on clicking next -> b.jsp will take those values and do some processing
will display result on the same page it will also have next button, on clicking next it should display some result on the same page.

Now i dont know how to go about it.

can someone help please
10 years ago

you can execute a dos command using runtime exec process

try to add a dynamic nature using file's (like add ip-name pairs to a fle and read from there and create a command structure...

hope this might help
11 years ago

I'm aware of the logging levels.

i would have used

what you have said.

since I'm passing the error from my server side code to the client side I'm throwing a new exception

Though constructive criticism is always welcome and for everyone's good @rodrigo
11 years ago

If you have used apache log4j then follow this pattern (which I found very effective in my professional work) :

hope it helps.
11 years ago

I think this is a wrong place to look for tutorial/theory.

try the reference/tutorial very helpful and try your own examples.. will be more helpful.

Do come back here for any queries/doubts but don't expect theories..

anyways follow this link collections help
11 years ago

A good approach can be of first thinking of a way to register components.
Not aware of any patterns for it .

some idea's do come to my mind:
Use a file which will be the register/log for all installed components.
when the application initializes/restarts/starts it should read the file .

File can have parameters like : name of component,parent window etc with some low/high level details.

anyways this place is full of experienced people who can guide us.

another approach :

[ May 24, 2008: Message edited by: sanjay kumar ]
11 years ago

Thanks for replying!!

I got your approach.

what I was thinking is : I want a generic program
it would connect using the browser to yahoo(or any other)website

move to mail logging page.

fill in my login id & password and login(click login )

that is all i want my program to do.
11 years ago