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Recent posts by Rory Lynch

Hi Pauline.
Hi Carol.

Good to hear from you
15 years ago
I bought the book from Amazon when I started the Cattle Drive.
Worth every penny.

So is the Cattle Drive.

My advice is start the Cattle Drive and buy the book, but dont wait to have the book in your hand before attempting the first assignment.
15 years ago
Sure has Katrina.

Baby boy is 4 mnths old, his sister is 20 mnths.
I have been in my developer role for nearly 5 weeks.

So, things are starting to get a little boring around LynchVille, so I am back to studying.

Dick, I noticed your name had disappeared from the log along with mine.
I didnt think it would be long before it reappeared though
15 years ago

I have been away from the trail for a while now, I have been settling in to my new job.

But I have now set aside some time for study, so you will probably be hearing a lot from me over the next few weeks.

After all, I could be using some of this stuff for real any day now.

Good to see new names on the assignment log,

15 years ago
Hi everyone,

I check the board on my lunch hour everyday.
I am sure we'll hear from the Sherrif when she's good and ready, 'til then I am just gonna work on a few mini projects I am doing for fun.
16 years ago

Be patient. I have been waiting a while longer than that but I am happy to wait. The nitpickers do provide this service on their own time and they do a great job, albeit I sometimes think they are a bit over critical of my code

Also bear in mind that when you get your first nitpick back you might not be moving on to the next one, it may well be that you are rewriting the first assignment
16 years ago

Sounds like a lot of balls to juggle, I hope the concert goes well,

good luck.
16 years ago
Thanks Marilyn

couldn't have done it without you folks
16 years ago
Cool, thanks for letting me know Marilyn.
16 years ago
I have just sent it again.
I hope it is getting through, I have not had a non delivery message.
16 years ago

I live in a small town just outside Manchester.
16 years ago
Thanks Katrina

I started learning java at the end of July 07 and combined the SCJP with the Cattle Drive and it has been a rollercoaster since then.

A very positive experience though.

Hope your new job is swell
16 years ago
I hope your feeling better Marilyn.

Carol and Katrina I hear ya.
I have an 18 mnth old girl an 8 week old boy and I have just secured my first Java job and I think we are going to move house to be closer to my new job.

It is good to be busy but this is rediculous.
16 years ago
OK David I almost have it, but I am missing a couple of words.

Before I spend the next 6 hours staring at this please can someone confirm that Davids post is exactly word perfect.

I am sure it will be but ......... []s[][] ui []sn[]

16 years ago
Please tell me the moosehead is upside down and I havn't finally come unhinged
16 years ago