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Recent posts by Baskar Dilli

We are getting the following intermittent compilation errors

The type is not accessible.

The type is not accessible

XMLEventReader cannot be resolved to a type
private XMLEventReader xmlEventReader;

XMLInputFactory cannot be resolved
XMLInputFactory xmlInputFactory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();

This compilation error does not happen consistently and it happens intermittently. Retrying after a couple of times the build succeeds.

We use docker-compose of version 2.0.1 to build the image. The Gradle build is executed as part of building the docker image.

More details can be found stack overflow post:
2 years ago
Bitter Java and Bitter EJB are really good books for the Anti Patterns.
We are using CMP. With one database we have a problem because the schema/owner is different in Test/Accept/Prod environments. Since our great RAD generated mapping hardcodes the schema before the table name, portability like what we want seems almost imp

Is there a solution for this. Is there a way to dynamically pass the schema at runtime.
15 years ago

I was also in same dilama, but later i decided to work on part II of the older version and thought of doing SCEA5 upgrade after completing these exams.

What did you decide? please let me know if you are working on older version.
when the objects are declared with static modfier, will it be garbage collected? when there is no reference from active stack frame.
16 years ago
The rules says that in stateless session bean ejbCreate() method ,by using SessionContext ,the EJBObject can be accessed. But the stateless session beans are created by container and the beans are present in pool independent of client. So when container creates a stateless session bean it should call ejbCreatre() of that bean. At that time the EJBOject() is not created because no client invoked the bean. Then why/how the EJBOject can be accessed? Will it return null?
Can any one tell me, will they mention how many answers needs to be selected for multiple answer questions in part 1 of scea?
Enterprise beans are there to make your job easy,
you can concentrate on your business logic instead of worrying
about for transaction, security all those stuff. everything your ejb container will take care of it. Thats where the enterprise beans playing a great role.

Baskar D
[ August 05, 2007: Message edited by: baskar devaghi ]