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Recent posts by Raef Kandeel

Dear Ranchers,

I know everybody seams to be able to get it from the first trial. Not me. I had to get it on my fifth trial. But heyyyy, it is better than not getting it at all.

I succeeded with a score of 81%.

I would like to share my experience with the people who did fail and who gave up.

* try to focus more on what you learn, rather on what you gain. The certification stands for what you know.

* Lots of the information that you do learn from the certification is not relevant to the development working experience, but it does simulate your brain and it does teach you how to learn. It is very important to keep this in mind. The certification teaches you to be able to use your brain and I felt that I had a working experience from this certification.

* Whenever you get emotional, post a topic on java ranch and they WILL back you up.

Also, I would like to keep these points in mind when you are preparing for the exam.

* Don't pause the mock exam and don't evaluate your mock exam unless you finished all the questions and never look at the answers or the explanations of the questions unless you succeeded the exam. I know it is tough, but it is the only way out.

* Prepare to give up some of your free time. The time that you used to sit at home and do nothing, you can kiss this time good bye for some time (not so long I hope).

* Don't over-revise your real exam or you would mix things up and you would start getting confused. I haven't revised my exam at all. I just re-read the questions to make sure I haven't misread any of them and I ended the exam.

* Do NOT try to get a high score. Sometimes when you do try to get a very high score you mess up. Just settle for the score that you feel most comfortable in.

* I used HFSJ (excellent focus on exam material), Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Companion (covers the exam material and gives you some additional nice background information), Whizlabs (good but lots and lots and lots of errors in there), Enthuware (excellent, focuses so much on what you would face on the exam, including the exam interface and so many wide range of questions).

I was targeting giving the people with average intelligence like me some hope.

Dear Ranchers,

can we have multiple welcome-file-lists in the DD? is it against the specs? I thought it was, but then I tried the following in my web.xml and it worked.


When I am doing mock exams, my lowest score seams to be on J2EE patterns. I have no idea why. I get 20% in J2EE Patterns and if you ask me, I am sure I grasped all the concepts. In head-first, it says that J2EE patterns should be a no-brainer. How do you suggest I prepare for J2EE patterns?
OK, so basically if I receive a question on the exam that concentrates on navigation, I should pick Front Controller, and if I receive a question that concentrates on separation of presentation and view layer, I should pick MVC. Is that so? Using the eggs and the breakfast example:-

What should one have in the morning?

1) eggs
2) breakfast
3) dinner
4) lunch

The answer would be: 2 - breakfast

What should one have for breakfast?

1) breakfast
2) eggs
3) meet
4) fish

The answer would be: 2 - eggs

Is that right?
Hi There,

The more I think about it, I tend to believe more and more that MVC pattern is exactly the same as Front Controller, only the Front Controller is better.

This is simply because the Front Controller has a more powerful controlling mechanism and the programmer's focus is on the M and V part.

And I think the MVC model is dying for Struts and JSF.

Question is: if I have an exam question, that has both the options of MVC and Front Controller, I wouldn't ever really now, why would I pick MVC.

Can somebody help me out?

One thing I have to say: Java Ranch is GREATTTTT and it had always been there for me.
I am using HFSJ, whizlabs and Charles Lyons. By the way, two times I sat the exam, and I got 68% and the passing score is 69%.

Hey Guys,

I failed SCWCD once in 2008, three times in 2009. I tried to enroll again in 2009, but then I discovered that there is a Sun policy that I can only take the exam three times per year.

I have a few ideas of why I failed. I think the exam is not that exciting. Most of the things in the exam don't apply to me, and I am an experienced J2EE and Portlet Developer. The tools do most of the things that we have to learn, and most of the things don't apply to me as a developer. This makes me far less enthusiastic to spend the time and study.

I keep on trying, because the certification is a big addition on my CV.

Please advise.
Hey ranchers,

I added the following :-

in two locations:

- in the web.xml in my web-app
- in the tomcat5.0/conf/web.xml

I was expecting the container to prompt me for the username and the password. Given that the container didn't prompt me for the username and the password, was I wrong to expect this?

How are you? I am trying to make a scriptless jsp, which makes the following functionality:-

the return returns from the _jspService method and skips the rest of the page. I do NOT want to define my own tag. Can I do it with a custom tag? In other words, is there a custom tag that fulfills the same functionality? Thank you.
15 years ago
jspf stands for jsp fragment. It is not meant to be a complete jsp file, and this is why it is not supposed to have <html> and <body> tags like a normal jsp. Jspf is meant to be included in another file. It offers an extension that lets you know that it is only meant to be included and it is not meant to be a stand-alone jsp.

if you have a normal jsp, with a normal <html> and <body> tags and you have it included in your original jsp file, wouldn't you get something like:-

the way I understand it, jspf is supposed to be like a normal jsp file, only it is an indication that this is not just a normal jsp file, it only contains a fragment and it is only meant to be included inside other files. Do you get it?

Hi there Ranchers,

Hi again . I was following an example from Head First on page 408 on my edition of the book. I am using Tomcat 5.0.


No what the browser show was something like:-

We can help.

Contact us at: likewecare@wickedlysmart.com

In other words, the expression language did not get evaluated. why is that?

Please note that if i change header1.jspf to header1.jsp, it works perfectly normally.

Am I confused?

Thanks sridhar row for your reply. I guess you are right, if I change it to class, it would instantiate a new instance for the class and the name property would be Fred rather than Evan. Another solution would be to change the scope to request in which case the name property would be Evan rather than Fred.