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Hans Hofer

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I plan to pass the OCPJWSD6 exam in a couple of months. I already have some experiences with webservices. I found the following study material from epractizelabs. What is your opinion about that material? Is this good enough to be fully prepared?

Java EE 6 Web Services OCE Certification Training Lab

Thanks to share your experience if you had any or just post your first impressions.
Hi All,

I cleared the SCBCD exam yesterday with a score of 83%.

Here’s what I used for my preparation:

- OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (I did the JBOSS tutorial).
- SCBCD 5.0 Study Guide (Mikalai Zaikin)
- Enthuware mock exams
- ePractice exams from Sun

I had no prior experience with EJB. I’m happy with my score even if I was expecting an higher score. Next step is SCDJWS.

Hans Hofer
9 years ago