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Recent posts by Sheelpa Gupta

I have a table as follows

Id Name col1 col2 col3
11 Abhishek val1 val2 val3
12 Ajay val1 val2 val3
13 Meera val4 val5 val6
14 Vijay val4 val5 val6
15 Malik val4 val5 val6
16 Sunil val7 val8 val9
17 Mehul val7 val8 val9

and so on

I want to write a query such that I get a single row for duplicate records in col1, col2, and col3 and max value of Id. For example
12 Ajay val1 val2 val3
15 Malik val4 val5 val6
17 Mehul val7 val8 val9

Can anybody help me on this? Thank you in advance.
I suggest you to go for SCWCD or SCBCD. For upgrade, its better to upgrade your knowledge on new topics rather than upgrade the certification.
I took SCJP and SCWCD exams with my prometric id. I want to know whether I can use the same prometric id for OCA(oracle certification) exam, or will prometric provide me a new id, as the exam is for a different track.
You can take an upgrade exam, only if you are already certified with any previous version. That means to take SCJP 6 upgrade exam, you need to be certified with CX310-025, 310-035, or 310-055 exam. As far as questions are concerned, you can check the Sunwebsite for testing objectives.
Now that I cleared my my scwcd, I plan a long vacation. I will am so relaxed. My preparation include Head first book and ucertify simulator. Now i will not be thinking of my next certification atleat for a month.
16 years ago
The error is on line 5.
ss = new StaticStuff();

Although you have imported the static members, but to instantiate the StaticStuff class, you need to use the package name. Try using

ss = new x.StaticStuff();

It will compile fine.

Hope this helps
Yes, the voucher is valid sor all Java exams(310 series).

For your second question, you need to tell the voucher number to the prometric at the time of registration(or if registering online, enter your voucher number). When you go for the exam, you must carry your voucher with you.

Hope this helps.
I used ucertify for SCJP 1.5. I found it good. Dont know about Javabeat. I think enthuware is also available. You can try demos before purchase.