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Recent posts by Yohan Liyanage

I got the Retire-Early assignment, and I took the essay exam on 30th September 2011.
10 years ago
Howdy Ranchers,

I got the email from Oracle saying that I have passed the OCMJEA. Pearson VUE Score Report for assignment say's I've scored 155 / 160 .

A big thank you for all of the ranchers who helped out to clarify my concerns !

10 years ago
Congratulations !
10 years ago
It's the standard report that we all get once we complete the essay exam, saying that it will take 4-6 weeks to mark the assignment and an email will be sent after it's complete. In the meantime, according to the report, CertView should display the result as Pending.
10 years ago

It shows all three exams of SCEA as Taken. Since I have passed the first one (MCQ), I think it shows 'Taken' for all past exams that I have taken (whether pass,fail or pending). I'm not sure though. I haven't taken any other certification with Pearson before.
10 years ago
Hi Mike,

Same happened to me with my SCEA submission. I submitted the assignment on 29th night, and sat for the essay exam on 30th morning. By 30th evening, I saw that my assignment was marked as passed in CertView. And I can download the OCM logo and under success kits, OCMJEA is listed with 30th as the creation date.

But I did not receive an email from Oracle saying I have passed. Did you get an email?
10 years ago
I uploaded my assignment on 29th September, and did the essay exam on 30th September (morning). When I logged into CertView on 30th evening, I saw that it shows OCMJEA under my certification list, and I also have the OCMJEA Logo to be downloaded.

I checked the exam history and it shows the following:

30-SEP-11 1Z0-866 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay Exam TAKEN

12-AUG-11 1Z0-865 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Downloadable Project PASS

12-AUG-11 1Z0-864 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3) PASS

Under success kits, I have the following

YOHAN LIYANAGE 1st shipment 30-SEP-11 Oracle Certified Master, Java Ee 5 Enterprise Architect - ******** ADDRESS ************

But I still did not receive any email saying whether my assignment has been sent for grading or that results are ready.

Could this be a system issue? I highly doubt whether they could mark my assignment with in 24 hours, with the increased amount of last minute submissions.

I have a requirement to modify an existing application which has been written using JPA (with Hibernate, and JBoss Cache is enabled) to support multiple database schemas (Oracle). The idea is to support multiple clients using different schemas, but to have only a single running instance of the application. The application should select the schema dynamically.

This is to support multi-tenancy, but re-designing the application by adding new columns to identify records for each client is not an option at the moment.

My question is, is this possible ? If so, how can I achieve this ?

I took a look at Hibernate Shards, but that does not seem to solve my problem, as what I am after is not horizontal partitioning.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Mark,

Mark Spritzler wrote:When I am working with Objects, I choose the best Collection class for the object, regardless of using an ORM tool or not.


So you would go for List / Set / Map depending on the case, instead of always relying on java.util.Collection.

Thanks !

When defining collections, I've seen some developers prefer to use java.util.Collection, whilst others prefer more specialized types such as java.util.List and java.util.Set. When we use java.util.Collection, Hibernate uses PersistentBag as the implementation class, where as for List and Set, it uses PersistentList, PersistentSet respectively.

In my perspective, I think it's better to use types such as List / Set, because they define certain qualities such as guaranteed ordering, non-duplication, etc (Unless we need to have a Bag).

What do you guys think about this?
Struts 2 has built in support for Ajax.

In Struts 2, there's a concept called "themes". Themes determine the appearance and behaviour of controls (rendered by Struts 2, through struts tag library). There are three standard themes in Struts 2, namely simple, xhtml and ajax.

To enable Ajax based posting of forms , all that is necessary is to use the "ajax" theme. For example:

It internally uses Dojo for Ajax communications.
[ November 11, 2008: Message edited by: Yohan Liyanage ]
13 years ago

I recently moved to Ubuntu (Hardy) from Windows and installed Eclipse Ganymede SR1 - JEE Bundle for Linux, and opened some of my previous projects in the Eclipse IDE. I was suprised to see Warnings in my project (which was not there previously), highlighting the page directive declaration of my JSPs.

The line highlighted was:

The Warning is:

I tested the same thing on a fresh project, and Eclipse shows this message even for newly generated JSP files (using the Wizard).

Is there any way to solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance.
[ October 02, 2008: Message edited by: Yohan Liyanage ]
What are the differences between server mode and client mode of the JVM (apart from load time)?

As I have heard, Server mode is optimized for better performance, but lately I found out that server mode is slower than client mode for some types of calculations (when running SciMark).

For what type of scenarios is it advisable to use the Server VM?

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
Thanks a lot for the reply Ulf .

I looked into the code, but found some methods are deprecated now, and I couldn't find an alternative way to get the code working without those methods (JavaDoc says to use checkPermission but I couldn't find out how that could be helpful to find which classloader loaded the class).

Finally, I got it working using policy files.

Here's what I did:

In my ClassLoader, I used the "http://my.remote.loaded.code.base" as the CodeSource when I defined my classes.

Code Base "file:/-" matches with rest of the classes, which are loaded from the file system.

So this way, I got my remote code running in a sandbox.
[ August 01, 2008: Message edited by: Yohan Liyanage ]
14 years ago