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Recent posts by amit sharma

Thanks Stephan yes it works.
I should read properly before making some serious program using threads
i tried it with notifyAll(), but the same thing happen again. i will post here if i find the solution, if anyone who has similar problem with solution then let me know.
Thanks John, it is working fine on my friend's ubuntu!
anyway i will make my project in windows
When i run above code Linux(Fedora12) , jdk 1.6. Program Just Hang after Printing "Hi i am Ant" and Does not Finish

On Windows Xp , JDK 1.6, above code works as expected. giving Output

Hi i am Ant
Hi i am main

why it is happening? i don't think these things depend on the operating system

This Program hang after printing " Hi I am Ant" and does not finish
please anyone tell Whats Wrong in this i am able to figure it out

I think it is decent score in one month prepartion , anyway how much ejb experience you have before preparing this exam??
Amazing score!!!

16 years ago
Hey congrates Rinku,

It's felt good to see you finally get passed
It's possible to prepare SCWCD in one month, if you have previous knowledge of JSP and servlets.
16 years ago
congrats gaurav
fantastic score

regarding logo i have no idea :roll:
16 years ago
Val's Specs-Objectives Mapping
It is mentioned in
[ May 10, 2008: Message edited by: amit rossi ]
Thanks Peer for so much effort in explaining
[ May 09, 2008: Message edited by: amit rossi ]
Hi Ranchers
Yesterday i cleared SCDJWS with 86%

So here is my Preparation

Previous experience - i have done one project using web services but don't know much about it ( because most code was IDE generated ).

I used RMH (Richad monson Haefal j2ee web services book) as main study resource( Not as reference book).

I read it 3 times ( End to end reading, including appendices) + 1 times ( revise it)
initially i found it RMH boring and my speed was slow and didn't understanding the many things, This was the hardest part. only later i developed interest.

By this time my whole book was already painted witn marker and pencil marks.

After first three times going through RMH + Chapter 3 Blueprint + MZ Security portion
then i attempted XYZWS mock exam to check my preparation got first attempt. After that i improved a lot.
also attempted Trial version of Wizlab
Then i read RMH once more(many topic twice) + Chapter 5,8 Blueprint + MZ (JAXB, JAXP, design and architecture Portion) + XYZWS (JAXB)

For Security MZ notes is best resource this topic isn't covered anywhere.
i got 100% in that portion

simulaneously i was attempting XYZWS Questions got 72%, 84%, 85 % 89%, 92%. In mock most questions were straightforward.
Real exam i felt little bit harder (i had to do guesswork in that)
I won't compare it with SCJP But i have to put atleast 3 times effort than SCWCD 1.4(thanks to HFSJ). may be my preparation method is not shortest, but i know the things well.

A special thanks to all those who share their preparation ( Gaurav Agnihotri, Steve Lock and others). Here are their posts, they explained very well.

[ May 09, 2008: Message edited by: amit rossi ]
16 years ago

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
xmlns="" >

<street>1850 Mercer Drive</street>

Ok in this case all elements are under default namespace

But what about this
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
xmlns:addr="" >

<street>1850 Mercer Drive</street>

In this case will the child elements (<name>, <street> etc) inherit the namespace of <address> element.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<purchaseOrder orderDate="2003-09-22"

<addr:address xmlns:addr="">
<street>1850 Mercer Drive</street>


<title>J2EE Web Services</title>

In this case what is the namespace of child elements (<name>, <street> etc)

Congrats Divya!

Great score!
16 years ago
Both are mentioned in

MZ notes/

Blue print
You can read it online

This also comes in form of book, if you prefer to read from book
Designing Web Services with the J2EE(TM) 1.4 Platform: JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML Technologies (The Java Series)
By inderjeet singh