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Recent posts by satish siliveri

thank you Manish Hatwalne and Bear Bibeault for your reply.
Can you please show some code regarding this.
or else give me a link for article or tutorial

thank you,
Hi all,
I need some sample code to send a request automatically for each 5 min asynchronusly to update some portion of the page.
For example updating cricket score.
how can i handle this scenario.

any reply can be appreciated,
thanks in advance
Thank you Herman Scheltinga

our customer can customize the forms with different fields

But we wanted to provide maximum number of fields for a form and allowing our customers to select their desired fields. We will maintain some schema fields/ Properties files depending on customer, again we can read those properties to display fields etc....(this is my intial idea, have not yet decides, need help)

This means: if you add a field to form, you will also have to change the controller(Spring) or Action (Struts) that works with this form.

For this scenorio. I think, can have a formbean(struts) with all attributes for a form and all business logic(setting all the attributes(if request parameter returns null we can handle right?)) will be done in Action(Struts) on that bean. I think that i can set/show their desired information when required.
I need some clarification about this.
And thank you very much for Layout solution for customization

I have read some where that we can use Spring for DAOFactory, DAOs& implimetations , Trasaction purpose and Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping. This combination is somewhat better than using SpringHibernate only.
Is that right?.

Hi krishan,
Thank you very much for your effort for me.
Hi Herman Scheltinga

We wanted to develop a product with more customizable,
our customer can customize the forms with different fields. and user inteface preferences for look and feel with different templates.
-How can we approach this kind of scenorio.
This is a product for talent management. This is a completely Recruiting and maintenance of candidate and jobs and etc...

We wanted to use Hibernate/Spring for Object relational mapping.
and Struts to Follow MVC model.
-Can you tell me about Hibernate/Spring performence and the combination. Does the combination has any issues?
-Which one is better for Object relational mapping for any kind of application?

We are doing research and development. So please help me. what kind of technical environment is a reliable combination.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Hi every body,
Our Product should be suitable for databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server. we are planning to use Struts, Hibernate with Spring.
1. which combination is the better approch.
2. Can anyone suggest me. And i need detailed information about different combinations of these frameworks about performance, compatibility, etc
3. Is there any other combination of frameworks.

Please any one help me out to take a decision on the frameworks.

Thanks in advance,