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Recent posts by Ken Reigle

Some creative ideas here.
You can also make it crystal clear in your correspondence with the company that relocation is not an issue and that you will be handling it. It's going to come out eventually that you are not local, but some of ideas above may at least help you get your foot in the door.
Good luck!
17 years ago

4. Now this problem is more intricate. So all the Java Networking gurus.. Hold ur breadth.
My clients ( possibly many 100's for example) will connect to my TCP server thread that blocks on "accept".
Now i dont want to create a new thread for each accepted socket (to do the communication with the client).

Why don't you want to create a new thread for accepted connection? This seems to be a simpler approach than attempting to keep track of what you have or have not yet read, and the for loop structure disappears as well.
I'm not saying it can't or shouldn't be done. Guess I'm curious what your reasoning is.

Just got the certification, but these posts are bursting my bubble. I am new to this field, and do not have 12-15 skills to add to JAVA on my resume. Is anyone outhere willing to share some wisdom on what's the best way to get a entry level job and what kind of job to look for.

Ask yourself what you would be looking for if you were hiring someone with little to no experience for an entry level position. What separates you from the herd of other entry level programmers?
One strategy is to highlight your talents first on your resume. Talk about them in your cover letter as well, if you go this route. Note: Talents are different than skills and knowledge. Talent is the subconscious and timely manifestation of skills and knowledge. Lots of people know how to program in Java. How do you do it successfully?
How did you prepare for your certification? Did you pass on your first attempt? If you attended higher education, how were you different than the other students? Did you do any programming on your own for no particular reason other than to see how something works?
Until you land a job, it's a game of selling yourself. If you don't highlight something of interest which makes the employer want to learn more about you, you don't stand much of a chance.
Good luck!
17 years ago
Thanks for the response. Between the time I posted and now, I completely removed Oracle from my system and reinstalled it. This cleared up whatever the underlying problem was, and all is well with JDBC.
I'm running Personal Oracle 8.1.6 on Win98 and am unable to obtain a connection to the database using the thin JDBC client.
Is it possible to establish a connection to the same machine on which you're developing? It seems likely, but my lack of Oracle smarts is hurting me here.
I believe the problem lies in the fact that I can't even get tnsping to return a response from a listener. Does anyone have the correct settings for setting up a listener which will work on a stand-alone client?
btw, I can connect to the database using SQL*Plus, so at least I know it's mounted.