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Recent posts by Rohit Bhal

I was mistakenly using a different schema than the one I was generating using Hibernate. Both the schema had passwordConfirmation field in the User entity so got confused.

I've got it working now. Thanks
Hi Rishi

Here is the complete stacktrace:

And here is the schema of the user table:

Hi Hemant

The only entity that I have is User entity and the schema was generated using Hibernate itself. Although it should not be a problem but even after removing @NotEmpty from passwordConfirmation fields, it still gives me the same error. I am using spring mvc 3 with hibernate 3. I am using User entity to represent the form and after submitting the form I find the model populated with the respective fields properly.

I've been scratching my head over this error for sometime now but can't work it out. I've been using Hibernate 3 to persist User entity. But I am getting java.sql.SQLException: Field 'passwordConfirmation' doesn't have a default value error when I try to do that.

Following is my User entity:

Could someone help me understand that why am I getting this error?
@joy: I think query like "" is not supported anymore. I am not sure if it was supported in the older version of Hibernate either. Thanks for reply

@Bogdan: Yes, "select book from Book book inner join book.chapters chapter where chapter.title like '%Hibernate%'" gave me exactly that. Thanks for reply
The situation is like this:

I have an entity Book that holds a one-to-many relationship with Chapter.

Now if I try the query, "from Book book inner join book.chapters chapter where chapter.title like '%hibernate%'", it gives me the desired result.

But if I try, "from Book where book.chapters.title like '%hibernate%'", I get the error illegal attempt to dereference collection.

The thing is that I only want the collection of Book objects in return and not a collection of pair of Book and Chapter objects in return which I get with the former query.

Could someone help me understand?
Hi Mark
I was mistakenly using the wrong import for ModelAndView.
I was supposed to use org.springframework.web.servlet.ModelAndView but the one I was mistakenly using was org.springframework.web.portlet.ModelAndView.

I've got the code working now.

13 years ago
Hi Mark
I am using the User backing object for form representation. Do you think we need ${} around all the variables for that?
I have never handled form using ${} around variables in spring mvc 3.
I am just not able to understand why am I getting this error and what am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for reply though:)

13 years ago
Could someone help me understand what am I doing wrong in the following code due to which I am getting this error:


Could someone help me understand it?

13 years ago
Hi Mark, to get jCaptcha working I just needed a Controller and a bean configured in the application context configuration file to get the image displayed. And then some validation to check is the response entered by user was correct.

This is a piece from the addNewUser.jsp:

For some reasons attribute inside the img tag is not being displayed, its just src="".
The other object inside Model model is org.springframework.validation.BindingResult.user.
model.toString() gave me:

Thanks again for reply:)

13 years ago
I've got jCaptcha working but I am still missing reCaptcha

13 years ago
Hi Mark, thanks for reply again.
request.getParameter('..')[http status 500, with null value for challenge and response fields], request.getAttribute('..')[http status 500, with null value for challenge and response fields] and @RequestParam('..')[http status 400].
I ran it under debug mode to see what was inside the 'Model model' and have taken 2 screen shots in case you find them useful.
Here are the links for them:
user inside model

I had reCaptcha working with Spring 2.5 from the book 'Spring in Practice' sometime ago, I wonder what am I missing with Spring 3. I have started feeling depressed now

Thanks for reply
13 years ago
I removed the and and tried and , what I found was that I was getting null value for both recaptcha_response_field and recaptcha_response_field.
13 years ago
Hi Mark, that was exactly what I thought first and tried the crude way to having the <script> and <noscript> tags in the jsp with public key and tried working it out but it dint help either.

Here is the code of the controller I am using, all I am trying to do is register a user with reCaptcha functionality but what I am getting is a http status 400 with the error :

Here is the addNewUser.jsp element on the form page for the above controller:

I wonder what am I missing here?
Thanks for reply.

13 years ago

I've been trying to integrate reCaptcha with my application built on Spring framework, but I am getting this error:

Could someone help me understand that why am I getting this error. I've got both "recaptcha_challenge_field" and "recaptcha_response_field" parameters bound to the User domain object.

Could anybody help me understand what am I missing?

13 years ago