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Recent posts by Rajat Singla

Looking at the number of posts, you seem to be new at this place. But I could understand the reason why you could make such statement. Every product from whizlabs has a Tutorial Test which has 10-15 questions (same in all), which have nothing to do with the tech, as you said. But these are meant to make you familar with the interface.
You need to say "No" or "Skip" this test to see the actual questions.
Its not just me, many others have used these great quality products from great people (like Ian and Sanjay are well known) to achieve a great score in various Java Certification Exams.
But yes the interface is not that intuitive.. even I was mistaken at first sight.
Hope this helps.
Hi Rahul,
Its a great news.. not many people are seen to be passing this feat... I am also preparing for it...Please do describe your experience in terms of efforts you had put in and the study material you used?
What are the topics which require special attention?
Thanks in advance
Note: Yes, this thread should be in Praduct Certiiacations Forum.
17 years ago
Yes, AWT and IO are now out. Check out complete details at sun's site.
Check out JWhiz from for 1.4.
Marcus Green's one though for 1.2, still should not be missed.
The demo version is terrific. Will there be similar questions ("Scenario Based") in the main version. How many tests are you giving in the main version?
Also are you planning to provide tips like the trial version?
Best wishes
Sad hearing this... but its part of the life and you've credetntials to win the battle. All the best.
What kind of rumours about WLS7.0? I would like to hear? Also what about your upcoming book?
Will try to come with collection of useful links.
All the best
Glad knowing that someone liked the idea
I am with you Joe for this effort. I owe so much from this place and it would be my pleasure offering something back, however small it is.
Nice to hear from you and your interest in this worthwhile effort.
It would be great to have a FAQ and Links Page as we have for certification like XML. I suggest we've these for atleast following certifications:
IBM WebSphere, UML and Enterprise Connectivity
BEA WebLogic Certification.
I can contribute the links, to various useful resources available.
Hope this clears.
I've been out of this place for quite a while due to tough deadlines of my assignments
Its great feeling to see a great popularity, action and growth at certificaiton forums of Javaranch. Sometimes back, we discussed a lot about creating a page for Links/FAQ for Product abd Other Certifications. Probably at that time, there was no one to moderate. But people showed great interest and felt the need of such page listing various resources for certificaitons like weblogic, websphere etc..
It would be great Joe, if you could take this step. It would be a great help to all of us.
We all are there to help you out in this initiative.
Lets do it!!!
Alan, you are doing good..
but as suggested... if you've time, don't miss the marcus greeen exams at and whizlabs at
all the best
Hi Axel,
Thanks for sharing the information. I didnt know about the resources you refered.
I am not sure if you are using Whiz engine from They are launching the next version for Test 158 as well.
All the best
What do you advice? Shall i work more to appear for 9i or i appear for 8i as i have already prepared?
18 years ago
Thanks peili and muhammad. Glad to hear that im not alone.
I am going on dba track and yet to give pl/ too following sybex and also OCPWhiz from whizlabs.
one question : What do you say about 9i? Shall i appear for 9i exam or 8i is ok.
Thnaks once again
18 years ago
Dear Friends,
I have had a great help at this place javaranch first for scjp and then scwcd.
I am finding this new forum to be very dry. Are there ppl who are intereted in discussion about oracle certifications?
To the moderator Sandeep: can you please provide me some good resources like good discussion forms, mock exams, tips etc for certifications like oracle dba and developer.
It would be a great help.
18 years ago
Hey ruediger,
What do you say about the job prospects of the certs you are working on?