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Recent posts by Brandon Bay

I am using .jsp pages for my J2EE web application, and it contains dojo widgets such as, textareas, textboxes etc.

In the .jsp's form action, it points to a Action Mapping (which in turns calls the Action class execute() method)

In the execute method, I forward the user to another .jsp page (which also contains dojo widgets)

However, whenever I forward pages using ActionForwards, the next .jsp page would give an error "dojo is undefined"

However, when not using ActionMappings in the form's action, such as :
action="AnotherJSPPage.jsp" instead of action="AnotherActionMapping"

This error would not occur. Does anyone know any solution to this? I'm on a tight schedule because my project is due next week and I have just encountered this error.
16 years ago
Hi all, I've just received my cert today !!

There's a Java logo on the bottom left and Sun Microsystems logo at the upper right. Of course my name is in the middle..

However the design dont have any distinct features. Will future employers doubt this cert? I was not told to do anything after I passed.

Can I laminate this cert?

Hi Ulf Dittmer,

I have a file named and test.class (the .class file is generated by IDE)

when i do :
javac test

result :
'javac' is not recognised as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file

but when i do :
java test

result :
the program executes and prints out statements etc.. and ends

what can i do to solve this ?

16 years ago
Hi all,

I've been using my IDE to compile and run my programs. However, when I want to use -javac or -jar commands in my command prompt, it doesnt work.

-java works for me. Why is that so? I hope anyone can give me solution.

Note : I'm on windows vista

Another question :

I've been using JMF (Java Media Framework) to develop a simple audio player. However it can be run on my pc. What happens if I try to run the program at another pc, will it still work? The other pc will not have JMF installed, but will have JRE to run java apps. If it cannot be run on the other pc, is there any solution?

Thank you for your kind assistance.
16 years ago
Congratulations to Vassili Vladimir for such a wonderful score!
16 years ago
Oh no.. It's 2 days already but I dont receive any. Maybe I'll wait for 2 more days to see how it goes. Thanks for informing!
[ September 18, 2007: Message edited by: Brandon Bay ]
16 years ago
Hi* Five kiran! Congrats. I had the same score as you
16 years ago
Howdy all !!!

A little of my background. I'm 17 years old and had touched java for 1 and a half years. Really happy to pass my SCJP. Almost all of my friends did not make it, they weren't serious and they thought the exam was pretty straight-forward. They only had the thought of certified, but not JAVA in their minds.

I relied heavily on K&B (Thanks!) on understanding the key concepts, and did many mock exam questions (about 400~500 questions) to "uncover" the different tricks used to trick exam-takers. Although not all questions are trick questions, there are a couple of questions testing on methods used from the APIs. I couldn't afford any Whizlab stimulators, I dont own any credit card or online payment account. So I just had to find open source questions everyday. If you could afford whizlab/other sources of helping you, please do so because it will definitely help you. Otherwise, fret not there are many open source questions, but their quality might not match those which require payment.

I do not have much advice, but I'd really sugguest doing many mock exam questions and reading(and understanding) the 2-minute drills before you go for the exam.

Just 1 question :

1) After passing, my tutor said they'd mail me my certificate. The address in my thomson prometric account had 2 lines, namely Address Line 1 and Address Line 2. As my address is pretty long, address line 1 couldn't fill up, so I had half of my address on address line 2. Do they view both fields as seperate addresses or the same address? (I'm really scared they send only to half of my address which will never reach me)

Thanks! And good day to all!

[ September 17, 2007: Message edited by: Brandon Bay ]
[ September 17, 2007: Message edited by: Brandon Bay ]
16 years ago
i see.. thanks for your feedback and well wishes Collins
Howdy all,

I'm having trouble with Generics too, so instead of creating a similiar topic, I shall post my problems here.

Given :

For #1,#2,#3 and #4, my doubts are why the List< ? super A > was able to add a B inside. Is it because it is allowed for any subtype of A to be added too? Also, #4 gives a COMPILATION error !! Why? Doesnt A extends Object? Object is a superclass of A.

For #5 and #6, the list was specified as <? extends A>, means ANYTHING which is A or subclass of A can be added. But how come when I add a A , it refuses to compile?

Hope to get cleared here. My exam's less than 2 days time. I'm really getting nervous. Haha.

[ September 15, 2007: Message edited by: Brandon Bay ]
[ September 15, 2007: Message edited by: Brandon Bay ]
Oh wow. Didnt know that. Haha, thanks a million
Ohh.. does it mean if i do


t would get incremented after it is returned?

because ++t; incremented it.

Am I correct?
Taken from Sun e-Practice for JAVA 5 SCJP Mock Exam :

Which is true?

A. The output is 344.
B. Compilation fails due to an error at line 5.
C. Compilation fails due to an error at line 11.
D. At line 8, an object is eligible for garbage collection

Answer : D (Because the object lifeline of tale only exist within the if statment)

What's surprising me is that why wasnt the output 344?

1. A value of 343 was passed into the go() method.
2. t++; un-wraps the Long object, increments, and returns 344?
3. The value of 344 is assigned to variable story.
4. System.out.print value out, but the value was actually 343.

Why is that so? I always believed that incrementing ++ wrapper objects adds one to the value.

Please enlighten me !

Mine's in 3 days time.. Will skim through all self-test questions in Kathy/Bert's book the day before... thanks for advices
16 years ago
Hmm, yeah i understand that part...

However, the weird thing is that why did the method return the variable from the superclass instead of subclass ? Since it was a instance of Elm which called the method, shouldnt it take the String variable from Elm ?

Thanks dolly!