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Recent posts by j du Toit

To make sense I indented and added curly braces :

Then because b = false nothing will be printed ...
if b changed to true the output will be :
Some things are true in this world
It's too confusing to tell what is true and what is false

boolean a = true;
boolean b = false;
boolean c = true;

if (a == true){//if 1
if (b == true){//if 2
if (c == true){//if 3
System.out.println("Some things are true in"+
" this world");
}else {//if 3 's else
System.out.println("Nothing is true in this world!");
if (a && (b = c)){ //if 4
System.out.println("It's too confusing to tell"+
"what is true and what is false");
}else { //if 4's else
System.out.println("Hey this won't compile");
}//end if 4's else
}//end if 2
}//end if 1
Stick to the wizlabs.

Most people say if you get around 70% you'll pass SCJP.

I'm using the same resources and stickeing to it.

Most mock exams are outdated/small(not a big database of questions).

Wizlabs the best out there...

...I think.
Dog d = new Dog();
<left> <right>

Leftside is checked at Compile Time.
Rigthside checked at Runtime .......

thanks !!!
that is all i needed to know for now...

back to hitting the books.
Use wizlabs (google it).
You need to buy it on-line.
I haven't written the exam , but it will be tricky as hell.
I'm using SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055)by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates , Wizlabs and this great Website for moral support.

Is this the best resources (combined with a positive attitude and absorbing brain) to focus on when preparing for the SCJP ?