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Recent posts by Michael F Lee

Thanks for the tips here, I passed both exams during last weekend.

The single most important tips I got here is the link to the RUP tutorial posted by Nishant Sahay :

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Indeed, this certification is more about the "Analysis and Design" discipline of RUP than about actual OOAD techniques, especially in test 834. That is a pity, but that is another topic...

Of course, you need to understand basic OOAD concepts first. Honestly I didn't really have many chances to apply them after graduating from university, so I did some revision by reading Applying UML and Patterns, OOAD with Application, and UML Distilled. Read them once, they are all interesting read anyway so it is not a hardship for me at all.

However, even I can disgest 100% of what all these books provide, I don't think I can pass both exams. When I read the sample questions for the first time, what I can only say is What the He!! ??? I didn't even have a clue of what they are asking about.

I didn't have any confidence to take the exam until I found the RUP tutorial posted here. It is not very detailed, but it provide just enough info for these two exams. I had an overview read of the tutorial at a whole, and then drill on the Analysis and Design disipline. I understood the concept, remembered the process, and memorized the input / output artifacts. I really don't like this but this is what it takes to pass these exams.

Another tips I can give is that these exams have a heavy emphasis on the Structured Class. I really don't think it should worth so much attention, but again it is another topic. In UML Distilled, there is only 2 or 3 page about the Composite Structure diagram, which is not enough for these exam. Luckily, OOAD with Application have a more detailed discussion.
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Originally posted by Kengkaj Sathianpantarit:


what else I should read?
I recommend "Design Pattern In Java" for part one, and than Core J2EE pattern for part 2 and 3.
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I have doing Part 2 now. People here suggest Cade's book, so I took a look at it. I found that its sample case study is really really simple. If I follow it and do a similar level of detail, it is very possible to finish it within this weekend...I can just follow the examples found it Core Java Pattern...

I wonder if this is actually the level of detail required by SunMicro???
I read OOAD w/ Application 3E and UML Distilled 3E.... and I think I understand them quite well. However, when I try to do the sample questions provided in the IBM certification website, I can't even understand their questions. What have I missed?? I am really worried about that....
I mean the UML topic (Section 5, isn't it? no sure) in the OOAD w/Apps 3E. Does it (and togther with UML Distilled) cover enough material for the exam?
I read UML Distilled and OOAD with Application 3rd edition, is it enough??
oh i see, so passing a beta exam give you certification too...

and most of them are free also? oh then it IS a good deal!
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Just wondering, can I get a "certification" after taking the beta exam? seem not... but I see people are quite interested to take them, there must be other reasons...

Originally posted by Theodore Casser:

It's more the professional thing - since a lot (if not most) here are using Java in some professional sense, it projects a better image than made up screen names.

Persoanlly I think this is a truckload of bull, don't make any sense to me, haha! but that is ok, I agree that rules are rules and must be obeyed.

Let's back to the topic.
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nmae changed, and thanks for the informantion, I am much relaxed now

(by the way is this site located in Singapore? as far as i know People there are required to use real name on forums)
It is a 90 minutes test with 4 essay questions.... So I need to write loooong discussion about my assignment? I am quite worry about it, because I may not have enough "material" to write about, or I may be unable to comprehense a discussion with certain amount of "content" in 90 minutes.....