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Recent posts by Preeti Yarla

Thanks guys! I think I have to purchase directly from Sun since I live in southeast US and I am going to take the exam here. So wanted to know if Sun itself offers any discounts! Thanks anyway!
I know how important/not this certification is for me! When you are a stay-home-mom depending on spouse to pay for your certification, in a economy like this, you need to think/know/ask as much as needed! Everyone is not on the same boat!

I apologize if I sounded rude!

1. I am planning to purchase SCJD exam and wanted to make sure that I do not buy an old version (which I did for SCJP). I searched and found only one version (CX-310-252A) and (CX-310-027). Unlike SCJP, is SCJD is currently available in only one valid version?

2. This exam is very expensive and I am wondering if Sun offers any discounts on these vouchers any time of the year? Or any discounts for unemployed...? Also, can I purchase part-1 first, submit it and then purchase part-2 or do I have to buy it all at once?

Struts 2 Design and Programming by Budi Kurniawan is a good book. This book has some 20+ really compact chapters with each chapter dedicated to a struts feature. Because of this clear division its easy to jump to whatever chapter you want to learn.It helped me learn Struts 2 very fast. All the examples for this book can be downloaded from and there are plenty of samples. This book does not have any unnecessary prolonged explanations or pages of irritating/painful text. I find every line useful and valuable. Good book. Every buck I spent for this book is worth it!
[ December 16, 2008: Message edited by: Preeti Yarla ]
14 years ago
OK. It works. I included those files in lib folder of this particular application under tomcat. Thanks again guys!
14 years ago
Tom, I did use .action extension for the request like http://localhost/Struts01/some_action.action though I did not specify that in my question.

Nishan, the 6 jar files are in the struts folder I downloaded and extracted. Where should I include them? And my web.xml is similar to the one you put. By including the filterdispatcher we tell the container where the starting point for the requests is. But how will the container know where to look for struts files? (the path where I extracted struts files? Should I include it in the class path.)

14 years ago
This is my first application with struts 2 and have no experience with struts 1.

I have Tomcat and downloaded struts 2. And I have a small app. Under Tomcat 'webapps' I created a new folder for the application (struts01). struts01 folder has 'WEB-INF' with sub-folder 'classes'. The jsp's are directly under struts01. web.xml is in WEB-INF and struts.xml is in WEB-INF/classes. I configured the actions and results in struts.xml and registered FilterDispatcher in web.xml. Next I start Tomcat and the browser and invoke an action "http://localhost/Struts01/some_action". But Tomcat says it cannot find the resource. (But I can directly access the jsp's from browser.)

Looks like the requests are not going to the struts filterdispatcher. What should I do?
14 years ago
Thanks Campbell and Jeanne.

I ordered Menon more for the reason that its the latest. Also as Jeanne mentioned I am not going into Oracle Application Server at this point. (And most of the other chapters looked similar.)
I am a beginner.
3 year difference bothers me. (So more inclined towards Menon's book)
And I looked at customer reviews for both the books at Amazon.

What I am looking for is comparison between the two books.
[ July 22, 2008: Message edited by: Preeti Yarla ]
I am trying to choose between the following two books :

Oracle 9i JDBC Programming by Jason Price, 2002
Expert Oracle JDBC Programming by R.M. Menon, 2005

Table of contents for both of them is almost similar except for the chapter in Jasons book about servlets, jsp and ejb. Both the books have only few but 5/5 star customer ratings. Any suggestions please? (I have a Oracle and Pl/SQL book from Oracle press but not with JDBC combination)

A good object model for a decent-sized application takes weeks to construct, and (in my experience) months to refine.

Charles what does a object model need to include?
classes, interfaces, instance variables and methods in classes? Or should it also include the parts which interact which the database or write to a xml file? OR are those taken care of in data model?
15 years ago

Looking at one point Brian Goetz says - that performance problems are not because of coding inefficiency but are result of architectural designs - I should ignore these minor things and concentrate on good OO principles for coding.

Thanks again, Garrett and Campbell!
15 years ago
I usually try to put each specific functionality into a different method but sometimes I am not sure how to choose between code reuse and efficiency. Like cases where the called function only does one small computation or evaluates one condition. If there are 10 methods that need to validate their arguments it would really look redundant to write the validation code in each of them. But again wouldn't all the milliseconds add up when we call a function to do that?

Do I even need to think about all these?
15 years ago
Since you read K&B twice you may be doing this already -

Follow the advice from K&B - go through your exam in 2 to 3 rounds. In first round answer the questions you know well. Come back and in second round do the questions you left in round 1. If any more time is left verify your answers in third round.