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I wouldn't use the MAC address. One of the requirements is that it should be able to work standalone without any networking.

Nitish Bangera wrote:I don't think there is any such book. The SCJD preparation is there in the K&B SCJP6 cd,chapters from 11 onwards. Also you can go for SCJD by Andrew Monkhouse. Its a good book.

I used those chapters too. They are really useful, together with Andrew's book.
We were facing the same problem in our company. What we did to resolve this problem was to use the UrlEncoder to encode the cookie value before setting. This will encode all equals signs. And when retrieving the cookie we use UrlDecoder before using the value.

Both UrlEncoder and UrlDecoder can be found in the package.
12 years ago
Also, there is an official convention to use 4 spaces instead of tabs for indenting. That could also cause trouble in different editors.

The famous 44/80 score. It probably means they did understand how your locking works, but it didn't pass the tests.

But hey... cheer up. passing is passing, right?
Hey... that's great to hear.

13 years ago
Making your instance variables public is a big no no in OO design. The whole point of using getters and setters is that when any business rules changes for that class in future versions, you can't change it in your class anymore. Changing it would break other people's code when they depend on that class.

Leaving it like you would now would definitely mean major point loss.
Are you sure a record needs to be deleted after it's booked? It doesn't make a lot of sense to do this.
There is a certain filename schema described on the certmanager site just before you upload the jar. Basically it's "scjda-<id>.jar", where ID is your testing id (something like sr2034030).

But please take a look on that certmanager page.
Yeah sorry, I'm mixing up 2 different terms. But that sounds pretty good.
13 years ago
Hi (Dierk? ),

I definitely see some advantages to use Groovy in certain use cases. But what I wonder is how scalable is Groovy? Will it perform in big e-commerce sites just as good as in smaller ones? Can you name any success stories?
13 years ago
You should register for the essay exam directly after you submitted your application. They will be graded together.

After doing the essay exam it will take somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks before you get the results on the certmanager site.
[ October 15, 2008: Message edited by: Kah Tang ]
So.. what caused it?
You can just upload the application to Sun first and then order the essay voucher to plan your essay exam. There is no e-mail or anything coming from Sun that you uploaded your jar.

It's best to plan the exam date as soon as it's uploaded, as everything you've done is still fresh in memory. The longer you wait, the more likely it is to forget things about your app.

And again.. double check that the whole JAR is built up as requested in your assignment.
[ October 06, 2008: Message edited by: Kah Tang ]