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Hi, I am learning Swing and was really stuck wit this
I have a JMenu Class named "Vertical Menu" which I have customised.
I have over ridden the setFont() method and it is working fine. I wanted to override the setPreferredSize() method too, but size was not reflecting. So I placed it in the "Vertical Menu"'s constructor. And it worked.

The question is: why did setPreferredSize() method work after placing it in the constructor?? if so then, how does the overridden method work.

P.S : setFont() was invoked on the VerticalMenu Object
i.e i did not do
VerticalMenu menu = new VerticalMenu();

Thank You
11 years ago
Drop in a mail to and ask them about it.
I also did the same, but I am yet to recieve a reply...
Has anyone got the t-shirt???

The correct answer should be C & E in this case.
when any role name is combined with an empty <auth-constraint/> tag, no one is given access.
So , in your case no one (not even Member) can access it.
Hi Sudhakar,
The alphanumeric code under the hologram is your voucher number. This is what you should mention when you appear for the examination.

Hi fellow ranchers,
Just returned from the Center. Pleased to tell you guys I Cleared SCWCD 5 with 91%...Feel really great about it after all the hard work..

Here's what I did:
1.Read HFSJ 1.4 thrice (awesome book!!!)
2.Read a bit of Charles Lyons (Thanks for the topic on tag files!)
3.Enthuware Mock Exams (1-7)
4.Coffee Cram Mock Exam : whatever they say about this exam is true. I took the Mock on Monday and scored 92%!! A point less than what I got on the real exam.
5.Spent time on the forum.
6.Read the Design Patterns Notes on SCWCD Links

A little Bit of the Exam
1.The time given was enough
2.I found 50% question very Simple. Only few of them were Real Brainers
3.There was a syntax error in one of the questions


was mentioned instead of


I would really like to thank the authors of HFSJ(Kathy, Bryan & Bert). Double thanks to Bryan for his tutorial on Dynamic Attributes.
Also thanks to all the ranchers who cleared my doubts

Looking forward to my certi & free t-shirt!!

When a attribute name is entered in [] brackets without quotes , it is evaluated as a map key,if its value is not there, it will print nothin on the output
Swapna,That is correct.
If no <http-method> is specified in <web-resource-collection> element, then all the HTTP Methods are restrained and only roles mentioned in <auth-constraint> can access those resources.
Hello everyone,
I was understanding the <%@variable%> directive in tag Files.
I would be greatful if anybody could give me sample code or explain the name-from-attribute attribute of the <%@variabl %> directive.

Thank You
No. These are two different patterns with different purposes.
Front Controller : a central controller for handling all the requests
Intercepting Filter : for a particular request to perform a function

So, if you want to log each incoming request, you could put a filter.

I hope I cleared your doubt