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OCMJEA5 is retired some time ago. Only the v6 cert is available.
Welcome to the Ranch

The print statement is println with a small L, not a big I
6 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

K. Tsang wrote:Say A,B,C does this mean I am stronger in A than B?

I usually list them in importance order; most important first.

Thanks Bear
6 years ago
For me, I don't say much about my contact info (just email and phone).

I list the grad year for my degrees. If I see the degree is irrelevant to the post I'm applying (which hardly happens), I can technically leave it out. I do this with my certs. I leave out certs that obsolete/retired and simply not related/relevant to what I'm looking for.

Regarding the programming languages/tech skills, I don't usually include the languages I hardly use. However, I really want to know whether the order is important or not. Say A,B,C does this mean I am stronger in A than B?
6 years ago
How did you setup the wordpress config file (wp-config.php)? Have a look at here for guide.
6 years ago
Welcome to the Ranch

For the Java cert, doing the Associate level then Professional level is usually the better route. There are 2 good study guides for OCA/OCP: by Mala Gulpa and/or by one of mods Jeanne.
When you try submitting, was it successful?

If so there should be a confirmation message or something. When it doubt contact Oracle support.


Rajsri Srivastava wrote: Since I submitted my course submission form on 24 Jan 17 so certification date is 24 Jan 17 (weird way to give completion date).

I too think this is a bit weird using the course submission date as an indicator.

When I did mine, I actually submitted the form before I did part 1 MC exam. When I got my cert, the date was the part 1 exam date.  
Welcome to the Ranch

The OCMJEA has 4 parts: MC exam, assignment, essay and training. The training can be taken anytime. Oracle just won't say you have completed the cert until you pass all parts and done the training.

There is NO prerequisites to OCMJEA. However, you ought to have some experience working with and designing Java EE applications and systems. Since the architect cert is not about coding, it does require you to know the various Java EE technologies at a high level. Some at a more detail level. The key is to know the following:
- what the tech is about and which tier (presentation, business, integration, etc) is it used in
- advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can compare such as servlet/JSP vs JSF or stateless EJB vs stateful EJB
- non-functional requirements eg security, availability etc
- design patterns
- 2-tier and n-tier architecture

Depending on where you are, maybe those "approved" courses are offered by vocational training centers. If not, people usually choose the cheapest course. However, doing that may not benefit your needs depending on your background and experience.

Self learning I believe is the best option and do take the time to read and learn those concepts and technologies. Remember architect exam DOES NOT need to go as deep as those developer certs. If you can answer the 5W is good enough, don't necessarily need the How.
Congrats what a great score. Welcome to the (OCMJEA) club  

And have a cow
Don't just focus on the class diagram. Do it along with the sequence diagrams for each use case.

Vicky Moore wrote:Thank you. I just would like to know which SQL you are talking about.

Line 23 of your original posting.

Say your variable $requested_product = "ABC"

When you display that is it showing :
SELECT * FROM products WHERE PRODUCT_NAME = 'ABC' ; <- with quote
6 years ago
Try displaying your sql. The parameter may not be what you expect causing the sql to not return a resource for the mysql_fetch_array function.

Remember to put quotes in sql.
6 years ago
I see your desired format part 1,2,3 has the same tags. Are only the stuff/content inside the <CdtTrfTxInf> tag determine which part to go?

If so, you can write a function or class to do this parsing of the <CdtTrfTxInf> tag and write to the appropriate file.

Try changing the web.xml to IOException and see that works.

Honestly I can't remember if you need to specify each exception type to work.
6 years ago