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Recent posts by Raveendran Karunakaran

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
Sorry. Never can resist to contribute to someting really meaningful.

Really ?
18 years ago

Originally posted by Stevie Kaligis:
now... I am more

what are you confused about?
18 years ago

Originally posted by Raghav Sam:
Jus shows the bartenders have no other job !!!

well said raghav
18 years ago

Originally posted by Randall Twede:

America is doing it

I am an american an i have to say yes and no to this. to a point it is true. but there are still racial/cultural problems here. It is hard to put into words but both tolerance and discrimination exist side by side here. as a "white" man here there are some of other races i accept as the same without even thinking about it but others of that same race that because of their dress or hairstyle or whatever, i dont want to talk to
gee i hope that wasnt too honest

So nice of you to accept the reality. But forget the 10% of idiots in both our countries.
Think about the others who have made a difference and have made your country a land of dreams. And my country a mosaic of cultures.
18 years ago

I was really surprised to read the postings on the youngest SCJP.
What i would really want to say to one and all is that, we show our virtue and our discipline only by showing tolerance and appreciation to others.
I do agree that some people in this world (i repeat quite a few people ) in this world are taught to be intollerant to other people's beliefs and ideas. It would be our endevour to show our discipline and tolerance and make them understand what is really living together means.
I would always like to give an example of my country India. We have for ages seen different cultures bombarding us. First came the Aryans from Europe. Then the moghals from the North and then the Portugese and the English. But still we blended with these cultures we did no homicide we did no ethnic cleansing we did nothing but had a mosaic of cultures.
If we could do it? America is doing it. Most countries in the Europe are doing it. Why not the other countries do it?

18 years ago

Originally posted by Angela Poynton:
My dream,
To have one whole day without stress, worry or anger. To wake up in the morning happy and go to bed at night happy.

so nice to see your post. i think everyone would aspire for that.
18 years ago

my dream is to become the world's richest.
how abt your dreams?
18 years ago

i seriously have this doubt in my mind. whether we could abolish terrorism by just destroying afghanistan, or by capturing Osama or by defeating Taliban?
Because i feel that every nation in this world should take up the charge. and the only way for doing it is by teaching our young children the right to love and love others.
18 years ago
i think that whatever i mentioned earlier would prove that we are all our own slaves. we dont feel free to discuss what we want to do.
we just blindly follow what is offered to us. why not think differently. because i feel that each drop in that big ocean is a contributor.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
What is the difference?

love needs codepedence while codependence may not need love.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Syam Veerakumar:
Its like WWW any one can access it.

www denotes - whenever whatever wherever
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
I can't speak of your country, but in our case the people who draw up our laws represent the people of the United States. We put them in that position and they are supposed to reflect our will. So in effect it is the people who govern themselves, albeit by proxy. A society submits to laws and governance because it is in its best interest. To do otherwise would result in anarchy and the breakdown of society, which does nobody any good.
To answer your question more directly, you should submit to laws drawn up by other people because if you don't then why would anybody else? If nobody is obeying those laws, your way of life is in jeopardy, so it is in your best interest to live within the rules dictated by society.

may be you might be right. But just listen to your heart and tell me whether it works the same even for the most poor and the economically and socially weak people?
Do the blacks, brown, or the other dark colored people also have the same rights? answer me this.
18 years ago
nobody carrying same views as mine?
quite puzzling.
18 years ago

I have a serious thought?
Can Law or Constitution or Monarchy whichever rules you in your own country can control us?
it was framed by someone for their own purpose. what has it got to do with me? I think even a Pakistani to be a human-heing just like me though my country hates it.
Who is it to tell us what we do is right or wrong?
I need everybody's view in this.
18 years ago