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Recent posts by vd chauhan

I don't think you are working for the big Indian IT companies

Nope BIG companies are not my cup of tea !!!
Anyways they dont pay much and the only thing that is big there is the name and size
13 years ago

Originally posted by Marc Wentink:
Ok, it is an old posting, but this really is a joke, so I give you my reaction! You will get no more then 45K most, and then take into account that prices for housing and living will be much higher then in India. Don't think to get rich here or something.

Well it was not really a joke. I think you need to brush up your knowledge about the pay scales in Amsterdam. ( I got the salary in the range i have specified i.e. between 55-60K)
I am not sure on what basis are you saying that the cost of living will be higher.
If you are talking about bare minimum you need to survive then probably you are on the wrong comparison road. I dont think one should compare that if we are talking about salaries in the specified range.
If you need a good lifestyle here in India then it will probably take 50% of your salary, which as I found out stands nearly the same in Amsterdam also.

Regarding the stuff to get richer, i think there is a difference between people living a decent life and millionaires!

Having said that, I would have really appreciated if you would have given facts about the expenditure in Amsterdam.
13 years ago

I have posted a similar post, sometime back. Here it is

I lost track of the post for some time but when I saw it today I saw interesting replies from Marc.

I think it depends on what is your intent of shifting. If you are shifting for savings then it is not the place to go unless you have got a very good pay.
The reason being that the social security in Netherlands is good and that is why people do not really care much about savings, so, the salary standards are not very high there.
If you are going for a better lifestyle(as compared to India), then it is a decent choice.

I can not give you a breakup of the expenditure but generally 1500-1800 Euros per month must be more than enough to live a good life in Amsterdam. If you are planning to live in a suburb then it may go down by 200-300 Euros. (This is based on the inputs i got from various sources, may be someone can clarify on this.)

Public transport is excellent in Amsterdam and around, so you really do not need a car.
Netherlands have a concept of a knowledge migrant worker or highly skilled worker. This is decided based on your CV and skills. If you come under that then your spouse automatically gets work permit with you i.e. no separate work permit application for your spouse.
(Additionally, for all knowledge migrants, there is a 30% tax waiver which reduces the tax liability greatly and hence increases the take home salary)
13 years ago
Thanks Abhijit and SIM KIM for your replies.
SIM KIM, i have not got the offer as yet. From various sources, i heard that 50K will be a decent amount. However, i am expecting in between 55-60K Euros.
I just wanted to know as to what is rated as a *good* salary in Amsterdam. It should give me some positive over what i am getting in India.
Thanks again for your replies.
14 years ago
Thanks abhijit for the reply.
I saw that post and it was very informative.
Actually, my question is, what is the salary i should get there that will make sense for me to join, considering my present salary.
The salary over there should put me in the same(if not higher) bracket of people that i belong to here in India. Otherwise, it does not really make sense for me to move. Isn't it?

I will give a few more details:
  • I am married
  • My wife will move with me
  • Dont have kids but planning for one
  • I do not mind living in a suburb of amsterdam, people live in amstelveen usually i guess.
  • 1 bedroom apartment is enough.

  • Considering the above, and from information on the net i think 50K euros will be enough for living a decent life.
    But again, i am just trying to know, how will this salary be rated in Amsterdam as:
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Less

  • And also, what package for a 5 year experience guy is Excellent/Good.
    I just want this information, so that i can quote a reasonable salary with this company.
    14 years ago
    For me it is, after every 30 mins i have an itch to open the site and scan through the new topics/answers.
    I have a tough time being aware of whose passing by my cubical and just keep praying that he/she doesnt give comments like: "Dude, today you will help all IT professionals it seems!!" , "Man, you are really helpful!" and "Oh boy, there goes the rancher!"
    14 years ago
    Hi ranchers,

    I have an experience of 5 years working on Java/J2EE technologies. I am currently working in bangalore and *i think* i get a decent salary of around 15 lpa.
    However, i have decided to change and am taking interivews with a company located in Amsterdam, Netherland. I have qualified most of the rounds and again, *i think* i will get through
    I wanted to know what is considered to be a *good* salary in Amsterdam for a 5 years experienced guy. In a nutshell, how much should i quote so that i get a good deal considering my current salary in India.
    [ September 18, 2007: Message edited by: vd chauhan ]
    14 years ago