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Recent posts by Rex Rock

A standard microsoft testing question..pretty interesting..
"I am a tester. I am testing a software which needs to be released in 4 hours. I find
a severe bug during testing. I report the bug to the developer and give him the time
limit to solve it. The developer says, he needs 4 hours to fix the bug. Now you are
left with no time to test the software after the bug is fixed. What will you do in this

Your take?
15 years ago
Ann Kanu - are you interviewing at Microsoft?
15 years ago
Data structures has always been favorite topic among interviewers. How about sharing our interview experiences on data structures?
Reversing a linked list.
Your turn,
15 years ago
Thanks james, I'm working on your idea. But I'm not quite sure when to stop the "page loading" message. How do I know, if the download of the big jar is completed?
16 years ago
I have merged all the class files(and images) into a single JAR file. This JAR file is loaded into client's PC via a start-up HTML file
using the APPLET/ARCHIVE tag.
The start-up HTML file looks like this:
<TITLE>My Wonderful Project</TITLE>
<APPLET CODE="myclass.class" ARCHIVE="myjar.jar" WIDTH=500
<param name=myparam value=myparam>

Does anyone know, how to display the status of jar file download on clients side. This jar file is big (over 2 MB) and it takes quite a while to download. Any help referrals/suggested books/examples is greatly appreciated.
[ April 29, 2002: Message edited by: Rex Rock ]
[ April 29, 2002: Message edited by: Rex Rock ]
16 years ago
I have this website where when a user comes in, a lot of files get downloaded (.class ).
It takes a while, and as of now there is no visual indication to the user indicating the status of download.
As a matter of fact, the user doesnt even that there is something being downloaded in the background.
So, what they see is a browser window that doesnt do a whole lot.
I would like to show a progress bar kinda thing. I figured out how to show a progress bar(thanks to javaranch search feature).
However, from what I have seen, the progress bar is being displayed as an applet, which means the progress bar
won't show up on IE 6 by default. I can't expect all of my users to have JRE. How can I get around this.
16 years ago
Whats wrong with this sql.

All the columns are string type
I am expecting result kevin johnson and Kasi johnson, but it returns nothing.
17 years ago
Is there way to get the url of the page that sent to the request to the current page.
I know i can use hidden variables..and things like that, but am wondering if there is a direct way.
[ April 18, 2002: Message edited by: Rex Rock ]
17 years ago
I was wodering whats the difference between <session-timeout> in web.xml and the function call
session.setMaxInactiveInterval() function call apart from their argument type difference( minutes and seconds).
From the name, session.setMaxInactiveInterval(300) will close the session for after an inactive period of 5 minutes.
Thats clear.
What about <session-timeout> ?? Does the number we specify in <session-timeout> also relate to inactive period? or is it the whole session period (irrespective of active/inactive)
[ April 17, 2002: Message edited by: Rex Rock ]
17 years ago
A couple of things I can see
1.<option value=>
You are closing the angle bracket.

2. Don't leave extra spaces when you write scriplets.
<%=name%> is how i would write it.
and next time, you might want to open up the html produced by "view source" to see whats happening behind the scenes, that will help you fix your bugs easily
[ April 09, 2002: Message edited by: Rex Rock ]
17 years ago
Thank you guys. That was a timely help
I have a button in my parent window, which when clicked opens a child window. The child window lets user do some selections, when the user closes the child window, I want to transfer the selections made in the child window to appear in the parent window. Not sure how to go about getting this done.
I'm on a tight deadline, thats why posting silly and easy(?) questions like this, else would have experimented myself.
Remo, I'm not very sure about that. You could probably lets us once you try it.
17 years ago
If your goal is passing, you are ready.
If your goal is acing, then you need little more preparation. If you get 90%+ in marcus's exam, then you are all set to go. Dont get discouraged by those 19 questions. I've been there, know what it is like. Take that easy.
All the best