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Recent posts by parimal patil

Thank u very much! ! !
to both of you ! ! !
Mike and Jim ! ! !
This will really help me in understanding the concept.
But still what makes me confused is the concept of Multiprocessing.
Mulrithreading is quite clear.
In multiprocessing , the concept of two processors is quite confusing to me as both of these process are quite complicated to understand.
And I also know this is the question which everyone asks.
But your answers are really great.
so, thanks to both of u again.
20 years ago
it's great that u r doing a project
if u show me your code, i can tell u or discuss the problem with u.
The problem should be in init method.
so make your collars tight for the project.
and don't get disappointed.
20 years ago
hello! ! !
java guys! ! !
can anybody tell what is the difference between
multithreading and multiprocessing in java.
please i want it in quiet detail.
so i am waiting for possible replys guys.
20 years ago
hello! ! !
i am trying your code.
hope to get your code running within two to three days.
wait for reply
please i will take some time.
hope u understand
bye for now.
20 years ago