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Recent posts by Craig Bayley

We use cruise control and ant scripts - which is free. What's the license price of our product estimated to be?

I'd think most people will feel the JUnit interface is a nice to have if you're using the product for the other functionality, but not interesting on its own, as there are plenty of ways to do this already.
14 years ago
I'd be interested to read whether that was intended as an endorsement or simply a statement of how things often are. My place are currently going through a (sometimes painful) reeducation process so that testing becomes a core part of people's development thought process, rather than something to do to stop team leaders complaining.

Is there a section on 'Psychology of testing - pumping up your teammates for a brighter future!'

Now that's a section I could get excited about...
14 years ago
If the class shares the same InitialContext as the action class, then yes, no worries. You can just get the reference that way:

The <resource reference> corresponds to the context.xml entry (or server.xml entry)
<ResourceParams name="<resource reference">
14 years ago

Evaluating XPath:

gives 'i'm feeling happy'
Simple examples are good, but sometimes it can be hard to translate from simple examples to real world solutions. I appreciate it isn't the role of a book to provide the answers in full to application development and deployment, but, can you recommend a good online walkthrough for Glassfish that goes into nitty gritty detail of developing and deploying a realistic system...

Or, is that the next book? Or, any plans to do that online somewhere yourself?
Do you need to create an architecture template, or a full architectural diagram?
Generally I'd say rather that an Activity Diagram models a use case scenario.
An interface cannot be instantiated, only implemented, so instance variables wouldn't make any sense.
I'm not nitpicking but finally doesn't catch anything at all. It simply is gauranteed to execute regardless of whether an exception was thrown or not.

Flow is:
aMethod is called, and throws an exception. This exception is not caught in the aMethod.
finally is executed, as it is guaranteed to before the exception is thrown on.
The main method catches the exception in its catch block, and deals with it.
The main method continues processing until it has completed.
[ October 11, 2007: Message edited by: Craig Bayley ]
Hmm...API spec for 5.0 doesn't appear to mention any methods other than the xxxValue for the primitive it is wrapping. Anyone else offer any advice on whether this is an errata, or is there something I'm missing?Boolean (SE 5.0)
So do you have something like?


[ October 09, 2007: Message edited by: Craig Bayley ]
14 years ago
Bear, that's fine, but can you maybe let us know when Michael will be joining the discussion? I know this has been asked elsewhere, but it hasn't been answered yet. There are going to be an awful lot of messages to trawl through looking for his comments if he only joins in at the end of the week...
Yup - welcome indeed. This is a topic I've only brushed on in the past and would like to know more about, so this could be a good opportunity to dive in.