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Recent posts by abdelhameed obied

Thanks for writing this book Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff.

I was waiting for this book to be published observing it on amazon
I am sure it will be as good as your previous OCA book which helped me clear the OCA exam few days ago .
hi all
in the scjp exam simulators i see a lot of questions with (Choose all that apply )
in the real exam how are these Questions calculated ?

for example :
Assume Question with options A B C D E and you are required to (Choose all the apply )
and the right answers were B And C
my answer was B D
will i get some credit or will i get zero for this Question?
thanks .
as i understood it is allowed only though inheritance
but am accessing it from another instance of the class .
notice this : in the code

are they the same ?

hi all
here is my code my question will follow

the compiler didnt give me a compilation error can any one tell me why please ?
i know that the protected is only available through inheritance so i was expecting a compilation error.
hello all
am new to the whole certificate thing
am almost done reading for my scjp exam
the next step would be to buy a voucher and scheduling .
but since am new i dont know how to do that ?
i heared about the prometric website and my friend told me that i need to buy a voucher from sun and then schedule in prometric
from the site of sun i read the following
"Exams purchased on the Web site may only be used in the US. If you reside outside the US please select a country to inquire about products delivered in your country."
and i reside in a country named jordan
and it didnt appear on the list of countries in the sun site
so what to do ?
what are the steps i should do to take the exam ?
and one last question what is the payment method used to buy (credit card , sweft .....)?
thanks in advance
thanks for the quick replay
i see now
and i checked my messages and fixed the issue thank you
hello all i found a small example but i cant figure out why the compiler is acting like that
any thoughts or explaining would be nice :

int y = 5;
int x = 2;
if ((x > 3) && (y < 2) | true) {
}//this will output nothing

int y = 5;
int x = 2;
if ((x > 3) && (y < 2) || true) {
}//this will output true


int y =5;
int x=2;
if((x>3) & (y<2) | true)
}//this will output true

thanks in advance